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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ontario BANS opposition to ABORTION and EUTHANASIA

Kathleen Wynne, the Lesbian pro-death Premier of Ontario

Today, February 1st will be a day that will live in infamy in Ontario and Canada. For what, you may ask? For peacefully, quietly, gently opposing abortion within 50 meters (160 feet) of any facility that provides abortion (e.g. hospital, clinic etc.), a protestor can now receive six months in jail and a fine. The abortionists can apply to the court to have the zone extended to 150 meters (400 feet). The Catholic Church, barring Cardinal Collins, did not speak out against this pro-death putsch. 

At the 38th, Cardinal's Dinner, the Archbishop of Toronto said: 
We do not own other people’s lives, and we do not own the life entrusted to each of us. Because we do not own human life, ours or another’s, we have no right to take another person’s life, and we do not have the right to take our own life. Sometimes people do that, in a moment of passion or despair, and moral culpability may well be limited in those cases. But it is fundamentally wrong to take another person’s life or to take our own life, calmly and freely with full awareness and determination. We must not take what does not belong to us. Human life must be respected, from the first moment of conception until natural death, when each of us returns to the home of the Master. In other words, no one has the right to play God. We are only stewards, not the Master.

However, the Catholic Church's episcopate and clergy is populated with ineffectual cowards, weaklings. The Cardinal did not receive any support from his clergy. Did your priest denounce this new bubble-zone law? 

But there is more. Euthanasia.

This week we also hear news that a District Court ruling mandates that physicians MUST refer patients to another physicians for euthanasia, abortion or contraception. I wrote about this over two years ago and even exchanged emails with a prominent priest in the Toronto Archdiocese, who felt I had gone too far, that physicians had to be careful, lest they loose their jobs. It was all about dancing around and keeping the money rolling in, but NOT taking a strong, public stand against euthanasia. The Catholic weaklings proposed placing themselves in the proverbial closet, if the government would leave them alone. Sadly, weakness in the face of brutish, thuggish fascists does not work.  

These weaklings have had their reply from the Courts this week. 

These ineffectual, cowardly churchmen, these compromising and timid physicians have felt the powerful fascist fist of the militantly, pro-abortion, Lesbian Premieress, Kathleen Wynne. 

Show weakness, and the fascists will trample all over you. 

Fascists never back down.

Friends, Cardinal Collins cannot do this all on his own. What success can a General expect if most of his troops have fled the field? YOU have to get involved. YOU have to ask YOUR pastor, why did he NOT speak up. YOU must ask him, why is he SILENT?  You must ask him WHY he was silent before the Courts ruled in favour of euthanasia, when we were warned well in advance it was coming down the pipe. You must ask your pastor WHY is he SILENT on the new abortion bubble zone law. 


Anonymous said...

Funny that you're calling a liberal a fascist--why not call the s/h/it a communist? Also, I don't think that old dominican whose one film you're always rerunning warning of the sodomite takeover of the Catholic Church would approve your being taken in by Cardinal Collins writing a letter/issuing a statement. Didn't he do the same when Trudeau banned anti-abortion politicians from the liberal party in 2014? "Don't make liberals vote pro-choice(!)" [could they consider not voting liberal--when they consider the disposition of their immortal soul (what a joke!).]


Did Collins tell his flock in 2015 you are going to hell if you vote for Trudeau who is taking Canada to hell?


Did he even resign his office rather than serve the politics of Pope Francis? Did he tear his cassock in two when Rosica features Trudeau praying in the Sistine Chapel?


Now it is 2017 and Dictator Mao Stalin Castro Hitler Trudeau has banned government funding to prolife groups--Wynne is following Trudeau's (and Francis Rosica's) lead. And is Collins demanding Catholics march in the street? Not like the rancid teeny bopper football rally held in DC and every other city to 'celebrate life' -- NO! A RIOT! To protest the murder of 60 million innocent babies!

Collins' employees preach what Collins (employed by Francis) tells them to. It is just virtue signalling to ask these pervert pedophiles why they are silent. The same virtue signalling Collins is doing. Surely they won't tell you the truth--they will fob you off w/some nice sounding lie that will make you feel good (your priest agrees w/you but both his & your hands are tied and your feet and your tongues and all you can do is pray quietly to yourselves and make sure you don't offend anyone).



Dr. T.T.Coals said...

I'm not current on the state of the Church in Canada, except for what I read on this blog, but I must say, that picture of Kathleen Wynne is truly frightening. Looks like a she-wolf pumped up after the latest gathering of her coven.