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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Homosexualist Daniel P Horan, OFM invited by Alberta Catholic Trustees Association

The Franciscan, Daniel P Horan, is a known dissenter. To learn more, read an excellent article by Sacerdotus here.

Further information about Horan is provided for us here and here by Vox Cantoris. 

A review of Horan's 2018 itinerary shows that besides lecturing all over the United States, he will also be traveling to the United Kingdom in April, and New Zealand in June. Quite the jet-setter. 

For Catholics in Canada, it is of grave concern that I inform you that Horan has been invited by the Alberta Catholic School Trustee's Association (ACSTA). 

You can contact the ACSTA requesting that they disinvite Horan as he does not follow the Magisterium of the Church.

ACSTA contact info:

Tel: (780) 484-6209

Email: admin@acsta.ab.ca

Twitter: @ACSTANews

1 comment:

Mazine said...

Why does St Peters in the Loop,a Franciscan church in Chicago,have Fr Dan give talks & sell his books?The priest at St Peters seem more concerned with social justice issues & immigration than the souls & spirituality of the people they should be serving.