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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Militant homosexuals take over the Archdiocese of New York City

The gay bar "RISE": the place of choice to hold "LGBT" social events by
the Paulists  and Holy Name Province (Franciscans)

Joseph Sciambra carries a shocking report of an "LGBT" so-called "Catholic" event being organized by Out at St. Paul (a pro-homosexual group run out of St. Paul the Apostle church) at a notorious gay bar that features drag events. "Rise", one of the "top ten gay bars" in NYC, also was used by the Homo-Franciscans for their "Mardi Gras" social event in 2017. 

Sciambra writes: 

this is not the first time that OSP [Out at St. Paul] hosted an official gathering at a local gay bar. On March 22, 2017, OSP held their “Spring Social” at another notorious gay bar: “Bottoms Up.” Coincidently, a separate gay-affirmative Catholic LGBT outreach, also in the Archdiocese of New York, from St. Francis of Assisi Church, hosted their annual “Mardi Gras” party at Rise bar on February 28, 2017.

I have previously reported on the strange activities of the Homo-Franciscans, here, here, here, and here. One of them even opined openly in favour of homosexual activity:

The Church’s limited view of human sexuality, which is placed at the service of procreation and confined within the boundaries of sacramental marriage, therefore effectively prohibits LGBT persons from expressing the fullness of their humanity by excluding them from participating in healthy, generative relationships and mutual expressions of love...

...In order for the Catholic Church to truly rectify its complicity with the violence and injustices leveled against the LGBT community, a wholesale reevaluation of its stance on homosexuality, the dignity of individual persons, and “unjust discrimination” is required.

To understand how perverse and deviant homosexual behaviour is, the following link provides peer-reviewed, scientific information on the practice of "fisting" [warning: very graphic] and the practice of "rectal insertion". 

Dear friends, please keep all homosexuals in your prayers that they be released from this demonic possession. They lead sad, tragic lives, many of them corrupted to same-sex attraction due to sexual abuse as infants and children, many have had abusive or non-existent fathers, many were abused as young boys and teenagers. 


Anonymous said...

This is horrific and the wholesale silence of our priests and Prelates screams even louder than the antics of these disordered souls.

TLM said...

Indeed Joseph Sciambra can tell you all about these bizarre grotesque behaviors. These poor people are really very very sick or maybe very very possessed. And our priests say NOTHING??? Not only this perverted behavior but the SILENCE of our clergy cries out to Heaven for vengeance. This promotion of homosexuality within the Church is actually coming to a parish near you. I counted myself among one of the lucky ones that this sick initiative hadn't come to any of my surrounding Parishes.....until last Sunday. There is a fairly new young priest that has been assigned to a parish close to me. (I go to Mass there as sometimes the time of Mass hits me right) I was pleasantly surprised because as the 'talk' goes, the young guys are generally more orthodox. Well, not necessarily. He happened to 'remind' us that if we really wanted to practice our faith, we needed to reach out with our love, support, and 'walk with' the 'travelers' (refugees) and with the LGTB community. OK, so no more Mass there for me. One down, three more to go. And then we may have to travel a bit. So yes, it really is beginning to 'filter down'.

Kathleen1031 said...

We are in schism, there can be no denying it. It is completely incompatible with the Gospel and Catholicism to tolerate or approve of homosexuality in any way. If the New York Diocese is approving or looking the other way on this, there should not be one single person sitting in any pew in New York City. Not one. You are supporting what is defined as intrinsically disordered, and what Natural Law tells us is serious mortal sin.
We have two factions, clearly demarcated. On the one side is this Novus Ordo madness, on the other is the Roman Catholic Church, found still in the Latin Rite, the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass. To all who are heartbroken over these diabolical developments, weep no more, come to the Latin Rite Mass and find Jesus waiting for you. The Church still exists, intact. "They have the buildings, we have the faith".