Tuesday 9 January 2018

Br. Robert Lentz: Homo-Franciscan Iconographer for "Holy Name Province" who glorifies a Pedophile

Harvey Milk, homosexual pederast, glorified by Homo-Franciscan, Robert Lentz

Holy Name Province of the Franciscans (in reality, Homo-Franciscans) is a hive of homosexual and pro-homosexual propaganda. On Facebook members of this evil Province openly promote and excuse homosexuality; openly mock and deride Church teaching about the intrinsic evil of homosexual activity. 

A blasphemous homo-"Mass" organized by Homo-Franciscans in NYC  

As with all homosexuals, they love luxury. Are you aware, dear readers, of the real estate value of the Homo-Franciscan properties: in the hundreds of millions of dollars? Just consider their one church in mid-town Manhattan.

The American Prophet, Joseph Sciambra, has just denounced the evils of James Martin SJ. Here, Joseph exposes Martin - once again - trying to seduce the ignorant, the confused, the psychologically disturbed into a life of debauched evil.

"Br" Robert Lentz, the iconographer for the Homo-Franciscans, even dared to paint an image (see above) of the evil, vicious, promiscuous  homosexual and pedophile, Harvey Milk! If you do not believe me about Milk, look it up.  

Lentz, an admitted homosexual, is an evil influence on the younger recruits into Holy Name Province who have same-sex attraction. Lentz, even portrayed Our Blessed Lord as a "horned god"; in essence Bahomet. This shows us how homosexuality and the satanic are intertwined. 

To conclude, what does this say about the Holy Name Province leadership? 

What does it say about Fr. Kevin Mullen OFM, who allows the promotion of homosexuality in churches controlled by his Province? A Province that accepts open dissenters, promoting the "LGTB" agenda? A Province that has priests waving "gay" rainbow flags? 

Homo-Franciscan, Fr. Michael Carnevale,
sinfully waving the "gay" Rainbow flag 

A Province that held a celebration at a notorious "gay" bar, where it is "cruisy" at the urinals? It tells me that Holy Name Province is under the control of militant homosexuals!

Fr. Kevin Mullen: are you homosexual?

Are you a practicing homosexual? 

Just how many in Holy Name Province are homosexuals? 

Just how many in Holy Name Province are practicing homosexuals? 

ACTION ITEMContact Provincial Superior, Fr. Kevin Mullen OFM and ask him why Holy Name Province promotes homosexuality. 

Phone: (646) 473-0265 

E-mail: hnp@hnp.org


Anonymous said...

Thousands of Italian immigrants donated their money decades ago to build that church, and look at what they have done to it now ...

Anonymous said...

Truly we are in the End Times !
For most of us all we have left is our daily Rosary.
Holy Mary Mother of Sorrows , Pray For Us !
Oh God arise and show Thy Face and let your enemies who hate Your Commandments either repent and convert or scatter in confusion.

Anonymous said...

In the Gospel, Jesus, our Lord, is often seen with those whom others scorn. The Pharisees are quick to criticse, judge and condemn. Better for us to imitate Jesus. Better not to hate, better to love.

Barona said...

Our Lord did not love sin. These dissenters are promoting the grave sin of homosexual depravity. Love is to warn them that homosexuality us contrary to the Gospel. To condemn would be to remain silent and encourage them in sin.

Unknown said...

Holy Name Province Church of St. Francis was built for Germans not Italians. The Immaculate Conception on Thompson St, is the holder of St. Anthony Church on Sullivan St., is the Italian Franciscan Church.

Gary Lockhart said...

"Better for us to imitate Jesus."


"And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which isjust?" Jesus Christ, Luke 12:57