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Saturday, 6 January 2018


Huge throngs in Poland welcome the King from Africa as he comes to worship the King of the Jews 

"Where is he, the King of the Jews"? This is the great question the Three Kings wished answered. The eventual reply of Herod and his Court would be to massacre the Innocents, for He came to His own, and His own knew Him not. 

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. To all readers, we wish you a most holy Feast Day. On this day we celebrate the first Gentiles who came to worship the "King of the Jews".  There is no doubt that there are two religions at war within the bosom of the Church. One is false, Talmudic, ecumenical, worldly. The other is true, Apostolic, Catholic, other-worldly.

Tens of thousands in Poland celebrate the Three Kings 

No where can the contrast between the true religion and the false religion be seen in the manner in which the Three Kings are celebrated. In Poland, vast throngs turn out in the streets all over the country in the tens of thousands, In Canada, the Three Kings have been "removed" from their Feast Day and "transfered" (really buried) to the nearest Sunday. You will barely hear a peep out of your churchman tomorrow. I have noticed over the past decade or so a definite downplaying of the Three Kings in sermons, even on the "transfered" Sunday. The Three Kings just raise far too many difficult questions.

The Three Kings with a real Catholic Bishop 

The Three Kings are a rebuke to the Modernist churchmen, especially on three inter-related points. 

Talmudic Judaism: 

The Three Kings are a rebuke to the false, diabolical, "dual covenant theology", which preaches that the the Jews are still God's Chosen people, and that Jews can be saved without Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Three Kings therefore forcefully rebuke Talmudic Judaism which is the religion of the Synagogue of Satan. 


The Three Kings are a rebuke to the ecumenical movement that wishes to "dialogue" with false religions, rather than preach that "there is no name under Heaven by which we are saved, but that of Christ Jesus". 

Religious Liberty: 

The Three Kings are a rebuke to politicians and those who preach the Masonic dogma of "religious liberty", rather than accept Jesus Christ as the King of all Nations, in which the State is bound to pay God public homage. 

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