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Friday, 12 January 2018

James Franco: accusations of sexual assault reveals Hollywood connection to Aleister Crowley and Satanism

James Franco between Luciferians, Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler

James Franco may finally be facing justice. A number of women are accusing him of sexual abuse within the context of filming a sex orgy. Apparently simulated sexual activity was not enough for Franco. Supposedly appearing out of nowhere, Franco (highly popular with silly teenage girls) was propelled to stardom overnight. However, "stardom" just does not happen, but is pre-arranged. As a film student, Franco made his first film about occultist and Satanist, Kenneth Anger. Anger is primarily, but not exclusively, responsible for bringing to the United States the dark occult and satanic teachings of Aleister Crowley. Little do teenage girls realize that their matinee idol is an occultist and devote of Anger. 

How many people are aware of the profound influence Anger has over film-making? How many people are aware of Anger's extensive use of the teachings of Crowley? Through Anger, Crowley's sybaritic, gnostic, occult and satanic religion of Thelema, has permeated Hollywood. From Hollywood, it has been spread around the world. How many are aware, for example,  that famed director, Martin Scorsese (praised by Homo-Jesuits and others) is an admirer of Kenneth Anger? 

Brilliantly, in the 1960s, Anger began to associate himself with foolish, impressionable, but highly popular young men within rock music. Anger travelled and associated with the Rolling Stones, encouraged Jimmy Page in his devotion to Crowley. Anger was well aware that through popular stars - be it in music or cinema - he would be able to initiate millions, tens of millions into Thelema ideology, subliminally. Anger's film work would eventually permeate the video work of sexual deviant David Bowie, etc. Bowie, a devotee of the occult and Crowley, would be lionized in death by none other than Gianofranco Cardinal Ravasi. Witnessed published a rebuttal of the Cardinal here and here

Hollywood's two leading Thelemites: Anger and Butler

Crowley, who died in 1947, was ahead of his time. The world was not quite ready to receive the full force of his teachings. It took Kenneth Anger, to spread Thelema, far and wide. Anger's two films, "Lucifer Rising", and "Invocation of my Demon brother" reflect the film-maker's awareness of societal and cultural readiness to accept Crowleyism.

Now we have Franco exposed as just another Hollywood pervert. The devil loves to double-cross his stooges. Little did Franco think that his sexual escapades would be outed. With the Hollywood publicity machine presenting Franco as a clean cut matinee idol, the reality was always different. His video, featuring Anger, and overseen by Anger's protege, Brian Butler, revealed Franco as another Hollywood Thelemite reeking in occultism and deviancy. 

Most do not know the centrality of sex to the ideology of Crowley. Most do not know how influential his teachings are upon the promotion of unnatural sex: especially homosexuality. Crowley himself was a voracious bi-sexual predator who lived as he taught. For Crowley, sexual joining and acts are symbolic of a pantheistic re-creating of the universe. Sexmagick is the conduit to immortality. 

Logically, Crowley promoted such perversion as: sodomy, urolagnia, coprophagia, algolagnia, spermophagia as part of his sexual "magick". All these perversions are now promoted as normal alternative "lifestyles" by the "LGBT" liberation agenda. It was only normal that Anger glorify "homoeroticism" in his films. It is only normal that Thelemite occultist, James Franco be finally outed as another abuser of women. After all, was not Crowley himself not a notorious misogynist?

To return to the present, should we be surprised that Hollywood, is rife with occultism? Rife with sodomy? Rife with mockery of religion and family? 

When the vast majority of people think of Hollywood, most do not think of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Anger, or Brian Butler. Most do not think of Hollywood as the propaganda arm for Thelema. It is time they did. It is time you did.  


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Alleged Catholic (or is it former Catholic) Bono praises Anger. Is there any wonder this deceptively benevolent promoter of ONE world is a Satanist?

Anonymous said...

Bono is not, nor has he ever been Catholic...he’s a Protestant...not all Irish people are Catholic and he most certainly is NOT. Do your homework. Bono is himself creepy as hell...he’s no Christian no matter what he claims.