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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

BREAKING: Cardinal Burke speaks ~ video of his conference in Krakow, Poland

Raymond Cardinal Burke was in Poland very recently, meeting members of the hierarchy, including Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki. Photos of him celebrating a Pontifical High Mass are available at the website of Polonia Christiana. He also gave a conference February 8, 2016 at the Franciscan Monastery in Krakow. He was introduced by Stanisław Cardinal Dziwisz as a "great theologian and...canon lawyer". 

The Cardinal, in an answer to a question if the jurisdiction granted to the Society of St. Pius X during the Year of Mercy will continue indefinitely, was of the opinion that they are in an irregular canonical situation but that a positive situation has been created with this gesture from Rome, and that CDF and Cardinal Muller can become engaged in a further discussion to lead to a great union within the Church. 

On the change of the Manadatum, the Cardinal replied that the ritual of the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday should be given the emphasis that Christ gave it, on the washing of the feet of the Apostles. The rite has great meaning, though it is not part of the Mass. Cardinal Burke said no clergy is obligated to wash anyone's feet, certainly not of a person who does not represent one of the twelve apostles. 

On the hermeneutic of continuity and the "reform of the the reform" he felt it is a living reality; recalling Cardinal Sarah's article, from June 12th of 2015; Cardinal Burke: "have courage". Cardinal Burke said the young have a great need for a beautiful sacred liturgy in a desacralized world. 

The Cardinal suggested two points in emerging from the crisis in the Church: a greater deepening in catechetical learning and studies from youth, and a return to a sacred liturgy that is Christocentric, the action of Christ. 

On the last Synod of the Family, regarding those who wish to give Holy Communion to those in grave sin, the Cardinal said he cannot give a precise answer on what transpired because he did not take part in the Synod, but he wished to mentioned that he had read in the press that Archbishop Thomasz Peta of Kazakhstan had recalled the extraordinarily strong words of Paul VI that the "smoke of satan" was trying to  enter into the synodal aula. 

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