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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bernie "the Bolshevik" Sanders re-tweets vicious pro-abortion feminists, "Pussy Riot"

Bernie Sanders, has finally revealed the depth of his evil. Behind the veneer of championing the poor, the downtrodden and the deprived; behind the hypocrisy of re-tweeting papal social tweeting (to deceive the unwary), there is another Bernie Sanders: the real Bernie. His economic policies are a mere side show.  

The real danger, the real evil is not Mr. Sanders advocating for some form of universal health care - no, his real, diabolical evil is his support of killing babies in the wombs of their mothers, his support of homosexuality, his militant support of same-sex "marriage". The evil that is Sanders cannot be underestimated. If elected, America will indeed "feel the burn". It will not be a pleasant experience. 

Needless to say Catholics should not be surprised that this despicable man has re-tweeted the grotesquely obscene and blasphemous "Pussy Riot" feminists. Thank God, these horrid feminists were dealt firmly with by the Russian authorities when they profaned a Cathedral. An attempt to disturb the peace during the Olympic Games were also dealt with by Cossacks. 

Watching the video below, we can appreciate the hatred that Sanders has for Christ the King. It is no coincidence that Bernie Sanders is strongly supported by the dissident homosexualist group, New Ways Ministry. 

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Unknown said...

Are you for real? I have a degree in theology from a Catholic University and it is clear to me that you are nuts. Take a deep breath and re-read the new testament...