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Friday, 5 February 2016

BREAKING: Bishop David Motiuk, the Eparch of Edmonton, continues to send very confusing signals on gender ideology

The Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of Edmonton, David Motiuk, has written a letter regarding schooling and gender ideology which leaves the reader very confused. It becomes even more confusing, when the Eparchy has excellent resources denouncing the evil of gender ideology.  

However, this has not stopped Bishop Motiuk from writing a very contradictory letter. The full Letter may be read on his blog. 

Bishop Motiuk writes: 
Contrary to what many loud voices would have you believe, Catholic schools are, and have been, places of inclusivity regarding the broad spectrum of diversities that all students bring to our educational communities, including sexual diversity. 
The word catholic, itself, means universal and all-inclusive. We welcome all children and meet their needs as individuals, and have successfully done so for many years, so that they may reach the fullness of their God-given potential. We will continue to do so, for that is the mission of Catholic education.

According to Mr. Marcel (aka "Marni") Panas, a gender ideology activist and advisor to the Alberta government on the school Guidelines pertaining to gender ideology we read the following from the Edmonton Journal: 
I am a transgender woman. Weeks before I came out last year to the rest of the world, I met the bishop — at his invitation — for another in a long line of very important conversations. I later talked to our priest. From my personal journal dated Jan. 29, 2014, this is how part of that conversation went. “Will we still be welcome to practise our faith as we always have in the church?” I asked. 
The bishop replied: “My answer is an overwhelming yes. As a church, we need to be welcoming to all. We are taught to show kindness and compassion for each other. The church is not a ‘what,’ but a ‘who.’ As humans, we don’t always get it right. You may experience some resistance and negativity, whether in church or anywhere in your life, for many reasons besides even being transgender — as I’m sure you already very well know. But you should feel welcome in your church. You are welcome.”
Asked if I would be denied Holy Communion, he responded with this quote from Pope Francis, of whom he’s obviously a huge fan: “The Eucharist, although it is the fullness of sacramental life, it is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.” It is not intended to be a reward for the perfect, and no person is, but it is a means to bring us closer to God.
In the Ukrainian church, the funeral is very gender-specific. When I asked how I will be referred to during my burial, I was told: “Well, after March 21, you will be Marni and we will call you a she.”
Is the above true? We need clarity from Bishop Motiuk, not confusion. We need all the bishops of Alberta, indeed all of Canada, to stand up in one voice against gender ideology. 


Anonymous said...

That statement which implies that Christianity approves of abnormal sexuality is very pleasing to my father the Devil. You can just imagine how happy we are down here to see an "eparch" promote confusion about sexual morality! -Screwtape

Anonymous said...

His Excellency bishop David Motiuk was asked about the article and its content about three months ago. He did not offer any public comments about the accuracy of the quotes yet.