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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Welcome back Conrad Black

This Friday, after far too many years, Conrad Black will be "re-admitted" into Canada on a one year permit. Personally, I believe that his incarceration, persecution (in the fullest sense of that word, for indeed he was viciously persecuted, not merely by the State - but also by those who claim to be the outsiders, but in reality are very much the insiders). 

An example of this hideousness was the the rambling talk given by a local Toronto-based journalist named Linda McQuaig to the hard-left trade union Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). I should note, that prior to her association with OECTA I had never heard of McQuiad. I digress. 

The talk - part of the recent OECTA AGM - was an uninspiring and vapid event. Far, far worse: it was uncharitable, it was unChristian. Introduced by OECTA President, Kevin O'Dwyer, McQuiag commenced with a false and disgusting attack on Conrad Black. In her words he is: a "right-wing jerk"; also a man who has "spent his entire life fighting against social justice". The reaction? A challenge, perhaps concern, shame? No, just mocking derisive laughter from the assembled rabble. Contrary to what McQuaid said, Conrad Black is a man who is supportive of a number of Church charities; a man who is openly supportive of, for example, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. It is sick to defame another human being, it is sick to sit back and laugh, and it is sick to do so all the while claim to be Christian, Catholic. Monstrous. 

Yet this speaker, her content, the reactions etc. are only the effects. Not much can be expected from people who take delight in slander, lies and defamation. The cause is the crisis of faith with its attendant destructive of children's moral and spiritual life through false teaching and disobedience to the bishops. 

An example of dissident in matters of faith is the open support given to the alleged issue of priestesses. OECTA openly rejects Pope John Paul II's infallible declaration that women's ordination to the ministerial priesthood in an impossibility. 
From OECTA's Handbook: 

3.111 That the Association support equal opportunity and treatment of all members of
the Roman Catholic church, including women and men, in matters pertaining to
service as a member of the clergy to make recommendations to eliminate gender discrimination in clergy ordination


Freyr said...

The declaration concerning the ordination of women was infallible because it reiterated that which was taught always and everywhere by the Church. This is the ordinary magisterium.

Freyr said...

I'll say it again. OECTA is a trade union. Both you and OECTA seem to think OECTA ought to be teaching Catholic doctrine. You are both wrong. There are a legion of groups that purport to be teaching Catholic doctrine which are equally wrong. I simply do not care to have all of them named here with the associated mudslinging.

Barona said...

I am saying that OECTA should only teach the Catechism under the guidance of the Church's pastors. As a "Catholic" school that is the teachers moral mandate.

Freyr said...

You are confusing technical expertise with divine mandate. They may be teachers... even Catholic teachers but only the bishop has the mandate to teach doctrine. The separate school system has no organic connection to the bishop whatsoever. The system is fatally flawed.

As for OECTA teaching anything at all... they are a trade union for professional teachers. They have a moral responsibility to represent the interests of their membership... nothing more. Their forays onto territory properly belonging to the bishop are neither appropriate nor welcome. They have no business making pronouncements on matters of doctrine.

Catholics in this province long ago decided to place the education of their children in the hands of professionals and abdicate their responsibility in that area. Today the professionals listen neither to the parents nor the bishop and are running out of control. What did you expect would happen? The fault is not with the horse which has escaped... it lies squarely with the ones who left the barn door open.

Barona said...

111. The Congregation for Catholic Education turns to Episcopal Conferences so that they promote the union of parents, of christian communities, and of educators for convergent action in such an important sector for the future of young people and the good of society. The Congregation makes this invitation to assume this educational commitment in reciprocal trust and with the highest regard for rights and specific competences, with a complete christian formation in view.

Barona said...

Ah the horses --- donkeys? I think episcopal/clerical donkeys would be apropos here. Yet again, a bit of digging discovers serious disquiet amongst the lay "intelligentsia" in the late 50s early sixties. I think these various groups "informed" each other and the educational system was destroyed overnight. A societal collapse in a larger vein was the implosion of soi-dissant "Catholic" Quebec.

Freyr said...

Just curious... does Conrad Black have any significance aside from being fodder for an OECTA speaker?

Am I therefore insignificant because OECTA has not heard of me? Does OECTA dictate the terms of my reality? Just curious.