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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rome-SSPX: Williamson attacks Bishop Fellay

In his recent Kyrie Eleison post "Doctrine Undermined", Richard Williamson sets out his position on religious liberty, and his position on what Vatican II taught on the same subject. What is important here is not Williamson's opinion, but his open attack on SSPX Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay. It is obvious that Williamson has created such a situation that his position within the SSPX is untenable. Obviously, he will be expelled if the SSPX reunite canonically with Rome. If, in the rare event that the SSPX remain in "limbo", Bishop Fellay would still be obligated to expel him due to grave disobedience. Given that the former situation is very, very likely the outcome, look for Williamson to be expelled in the near future, and probably be excommunicated. The danger exists however, will this man fall into sedevacantism?; will he set about establishing his own little "church" in basements and garages? Please pray for this man, who probably never truly converted, but remained an ordained "Anglican". 

Referring to Bishop Fellay, Williamson writes: 

"But now comes a religious leader who pronounced in public earlier this month: “Many people have an understanding of the Council, which is a wrong understanding.” Religious liberty, he said, “is used in so many ways. And looking closer, I really have the impression that not many know what really the Council says about it. The Council is presenting a religious liberty that is a very, very limited one: very limited!” Asked whether Vatican II itself, i.e. as a whole, belongs to Catholic Tradition, he replied, “I would hope so”.
See for yourselves the interview, given in English and accessible on YouTube under the title, “Traditionalist leader talks about his movement, Rome”. Can anybody be surprised if “his movement” is currently going through the gravest crisis of its 42 years of existence"?
The full Williamson Kyrie Eleison may be read here. 

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