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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lombardi: Attacks against the Holy Father constitute a criminal act

Fr. Frederico Lombardi, in a press release, stated that the recent personal attacks against the Holy Father were within the realm of a "criminal act". It is highly likely that the recent negotiations with the SSPX has angered not only neo-modernists within the Church, who are opposed to any reconciliation, but also caused grave concern for secular forces who seek to manipulate and control the Church for their own ends.

From Vatican Radio, May 19, 2012.

On Saturday, the Holy See press office director, Fr. Federico Lombardi released the following statement regarding the latest publication of confidential documents: 

The latest publication of documents of the Holy See and private documents of the Holy Father can no longer be considered a questionable - and objectively defamatory - journalistic initiative, but clearly assumes the character of a criminal act.
The Holy Father, but also several of his collaborators and the senders of messages directed to him, have seen their rights to personal privacy and freedom of correspondence violated.
The Holy See will continue to explore the different implications of these acts of violation of the privacy and dignity of the Holy Father - as a person and as the supreme authority of the Church and Vatican City State - and will take appropriate steps so that the authors of the theft, those who received stolen property and those who disclosed confidential information, using illegally obtained private documents for commercial use, answer for their acts before the law. To this end, if necessary, the Holy See will seek international collaboration.

The original may be read here

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