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Thursday, 10 May 2012

SSPX: Bishop Fellay responds to Three SSPX Bishops

We link you to the original French of seemingly authentic exchanges of letters between Bishop Fellay, Superior of the Society of St. Pius X and the other three bishops: Williamson, de Mallarias and Galeretta. 

The content of the letters speak for themselves. Obviously, these documents were somehow leaked. By whom, no one can tell. Opponents of a reconciliation vary between extreme integrists/sedevacantists on the one hand, and Modernists on the other. Both forces join hands in their opposition to the intentions and wishes of the Holy Father. 

What does seem to be obvious, and suspected for quite a while, is that the old Enemy is working hard to ruin the efforts of Pope Benedict and Bishop Fellay. Pray for these men. Pray for the Church.

Bishop Fellay greeting Pope Benedict 


Santa said...

Where can I find a link to a faithful translation of Bishop Fellay's reply to the two Bishops?

Romanitas Press said...

The three bishops are not sedevacantists.