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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vatican Espionage: Who is behind the Pope's Butler?

Andrea Tornielli, has an interesting article on the recent arrest of Paolo Gabriele, (the Pope's butler) for suspicion of theft of confidential documents. Tornielli's thesis is, that there is a powerful force at work in Rome that is seeking to undermine the Holy Father. Conspiratorial? Melodramatic? Yes, but life also includes conspiracies and melodrama. Yet, Tornielli writes dispassionately and soberly. His expertise and contacts in Rome and within the Church cause me to take his opinion very seriously.

But even though the monsignor fears that the Pope’s butler will end up being used as a scapegoat, he cannot say that the arrest was made lightly - Fr. Lombardi said - because Paolo Gabriele was found in possession of confidential documents. “Knowing how simple and naïve he is, he does not strike me as the kind of person who would be capable of planning such an operation, unless he has a schizophrenic personality. And why would he do such a thing anyway?” A good question indeed and one that is on everyone’s lips in the Holy See. “We must recall that he is married, has three children and a beautiful family. He came to live in the Vatican about a year ago and spends his free time with his children, helping them with their homework. I cannot imagine what motive he would have to throw all the good things and the life he had built down the drain, betraying the Pope’s trust committing an offense as serious as leaking the documents published in [Italian journalist] Nuzzi’s book. I simply cannot believe it and I hope that he manages to prove his innocence. I remember how devoted he was to the Virgin Mary and how faithful he was to the Eucharist.”
The prelate remained silent for a long while, as if he wanted to chase away a thought that had suddenly entered his mind. “I remember that after gaining the trust of so many in the Vatican, he ended up coming head to head with someone very powerful here…” Suspicions, resentments and above all, so many unanswered questions.

[Updated May 27, 2012: Please see Vatican Insider for latest details. ]

[Further update, May 30, 2012. Please visit link to article in L'Osservatorre Romano]

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