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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rome-SSPX: The Pope is supporting Bp. Fellay

Vatican Insider has now published an official Italian translation of the article we commented on and linked to earlier today. What has become evident is that the opinions of the three recalcitrant bishops will be dealt separately from the official negotiations between Bp. Fellay and the Holy Father.  The rumour mentioned above alludes to the need to clarify negotiations so that they flow directly between the Holy Father and Bishop Fellay. Hence, the belief that the Holy Father will support Bp. Fellay in his efforts to guide the SSPX to a resolution. 

In this morning’s meeting Fellay’s requests for explanations and the changes to the final ‘doctrinal preamble’ were discussed. Some cardinals, who preferred the text as originally drafted by the Congregation, expressed their worries and gave their votes conditionally. The result of this complex discussion will probably be given to Benedict XVI the day after tomorrow by cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation. The body’s judgment is not binding, the pope will be able to examine each member’s opinion and decide freely.

The cardinals’ considerations will be passed onto Fellay for the preparation of the final text of the ‘doctrinal preamble’. Once signed, the Superior of the Society of Pius X and the priests who will follow him will officially be reunited with the Catholic Church. The ratification might be imminent even though there are still obstacles to overcome. It will take time before the pope’s final decision is announced. In the last hours  a story began to spread

According to this rumour, Benedict XVI already knew of the requests for changes to the ‘doctrinal preamble’ and apparently Fellay himself sent them to the pope unofficially. This supposed informal contact would have reassured the Lefebvrian leader of Ratzinger’s support in essence and would have been the reason behind Fellay’s recent public and private declarations, in which the bishop mentioned more than once the importance of the appeal to the pope.

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