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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tornielli on SSPX Letters

Andrea Tornielli of Vatican Insider has an interesting commentary on the exchange of letters between Bp. Fellay and the three other SSPX Bishops. 

"What is the significance of these letters and, above all, can they interfere in the process that is currently under way? It would seem not. Instead, they illustrate the well known fact that profoundly different positions exist within the Society of St. Pius X.The decision has been made but it will take another day or so before the cardinals’ and the Pope’s final decisions are announced. Everything, however, points to the likelihood of an agreement being announced by the end of May. Only then will it become clear as to whether and in what way other bishops will comply".

The full article may be read here


Santa said...

Well, I have just read the response to the three bishops and it seems to be more serious than I thought. It's not just Williamson who is the hold-out. If these letters are authentic it seems there will be a major split within the SSPX. Too bad but maybe some good will come out of the Personal Prelature. Perhaps the other traditional orders will be able to collaborate with the newly regularized SSPX.

Barona said...

I am not too surprised with Williamson and de Mallarais. In fact, the latter seems to be even more radical than Richard. Galarreta seems to be unknown, but now we know a little bit more about him!

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Just as long as they are canonically accepted and the sacraments become valid and licit, and someone watches over their conduct psycholgically/sociologically with their adherents that's all I care about. Those three "bishops" can go elsewhere if they are not insistent on coming back to Rome. And I do hope SSPX comes back. We need them for more priests, servers, and MCs for teaching and building up the Latin Mass!!!