Monday, 13 February 2012

Reactions to HHS Mandate

The parallels to Henry VIII or even to the Donatist controversy are quite alarming. Some pundits are even pointing out that Obama is attempting a divide and conquer tactic with American Catholics which will result in an American Patriotic Catholic Association composed of traditores willing to toe the administrations's line.

Mark Steyn: Obama Goes Henry VIII on the Church

In Depth Analysis by Plil Lawler at

For an analysis from a journalistic perspective courtesy of
Frame game: Mere politics? Just birth control?


Barona said...

Archbishop Dolan on EWTN spoke of the possibility civil disobedience is all legal avenues are exhausted.

Barona said...

A decent article by Steyn. He identifies the point: the modern post-war "democratic state actually pivots on fascist doctrine. We have to get it through our heads that the EU, the US, Canada, Australia et al. are fascist states. The TV, the newspapers, the schools may have replaced the billy-clubs, but Mussolini would not feel out of place when hearing politicians refer to the supremacy of the state in moral matters. Pius XI had to hit hard against the strutting popinjay to cause him to back down.

Cardinal-designate Dolan may well have to play Bishop Fisher in dueling with the neo-fascist Obama. let us hope that in this modern showdown, the bishop will trump the king.