Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cardinal Dolan on the dangers of liberalism in religion...

Archbishop Dolan's February 17th address to the Holy Father and the Cardinal-designates, spoke of  the urgency to teach the Faith amid a corruptive liberal-modernist conception of "faith" that has imbued so many Catholics. What we see today is a more virulent form of dogmatic and social modernism rife in the Church. Key points by the now Cardinal included:
... the New Evangalization is urgent because secularism has often choked the seed of faith; but that choking was sadly made easy because so many believers really had no adequate knowledge or grasp of the wisdom, beauty, and coherence of the Truth. Cardinal George Pell has observed that “it’s not so much that our people have lost their faith, but that they barely had it to begin with; and, if they did, it was so vapid that it was easily taken away.”  
... So did Blessed John Newman... [warning of]  a dangerous liberalism in religion: “. . . the belief that there is no objective truth in religion, that one creed is as good as another . . . Revealed religion is not a truth, but a sentiment, a taste . . . ” 
And, just as Jesus tells us “I am the Truth,” He also describes Himself as “the Way, and the Life.”The Way of Jesus is in and through His Church, a holy mother who imparts to us His Life. “...Thus, our mission, the New Evangelization, has essential catechetical and ecclesial dimensions.    

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