Thursday, 23 February 2012

Is the "Ontario Catholic Teachers Association" Pro-abortion and Anti-Semitic?

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) will be holding its AGM in Windsor this March 10-12th. To quote its president, Kevin O' Dwyer, they will be meeting "for the purpose of considering, discussing and deciding issues that affect your life as a teacher and as a create awareness of the many justice issues..." etc. [see AGM Supplement at this link]. 

The keynote address will be given by a journalist by the name of Linda McQuiag. I've never heard of her, but a little research shows that this Toronto Star columnist is very politically motivated in a certain direction and is a strong supporter of abortion, calling those who disagree with her as "ultra-conservatives". OECTA describes her as "a rare voice in the mainstream media challenging the prevailing economic and political dogma". Dear, dear - I had no idea that the Star did not constitute "mainstream media". 

Another strange twist is the proposed amendment to policy "Miscellaneous, 3.124" that calls for sanctions and a boycott of Israel. Presumably, the singling out of Israel is "raising awareness of the many justice issues"? Now, if individuals wish to conduct a one-sided campaign against Israel that is their affair. If they wish to forget the actions of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Fatah and Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations that is their affair. But to undertake extremist political action which can, and is seen by many in the wider community as anti-semitic is shameful. 

It is even worse when this action is undertaken by an association that uses the name of "Catholic" in its title; yet for years OECTA has undermined solid Catholic education and replaced it with a veneer of sociological Christianity. Sadly, OECTA has been campaigning against Israel for years, including endorsing a disgusting campaign comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa. OECTA has conveniently forgotten the words of Pope John Paul II: 
"After the tragic annihilation of the Shoah, the Jews began a new period in their history. They have a right to a homeland, as does any civil nation under international law. For the Jewish people who live in the State of Israel and who preserve in that land such precious testimonies to their history and their faith, we must ask for the desired security and the due tranquillity that are the prerogative of every nation and condition of life and of progress for every society." (September 1987)
Finally, OECTA, so motivated to fight for social justice issues on a global scale, is silent on the persecution of Catholics in various parts of the world. Where is a resolution against the persecution of Catholics and others in the Islamic world? Israel, I might remind OECTA, guarantees the safety of the Holy sites that we, as Christians, hold so dear. Such could not be said if Hamas or some unnamed "Palestinian civil society group" (as OECTA likes to call them) sized the reigns of power. All of this fits nicely with McQuaig's politics who, (e.g.) considers a former activist for the UK branch of the terrorist Muslim BrotherhoodJamal El-Shayyal, a "humanitarian".  

No wonder the Catholic students do not know their Faith and leave school radicalized and confused. The fish rots from the head down. 

Note: I shall be dealing with OECTA's dissent against Catholic teaching in an upcoming post.  Here, I am focusing on the strange political ideology of OECTA and its selection of a pro-abortion keynote speaker.

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