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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Evils of Contraception

The New York Daily reports a powerful sermon against the evils of contraception by the Rev. Fr. Robert Bubel. From the pulpit of St. Patrick's Cathedral the priest reiterated:

“I heard someone in Congress say, birth control is medicine. But they deleted all the lies around that statement. Medicine is used to combat disease,” he said. "Pregnancy is not a disease. Pregnancy is much more like a miracle than a disease.
"Birth control makes the body function not like it is supposed to. It is a poison for our bodies, and our souls,” he said. "Since birth control, infidelity has increased, abortions have increased, and unwed pregnancies have increased."

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Freyr said...

Er.. that's the New York Daily News, the newspaper that put food on our table and never sent out a reporter when just a photographer alone would do.