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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Canada's Bishops and radical sex-education: why the SILENCE?

For well over two decades, children and youth from across Canada have been slowly corrupted into sex. It was gradual, of course, subtle, devious. Always under the pretext of "protecting" children from predators etc. Very interesting, as we have never had so much child abuse, never so much pedophilia, never so much pornography.... 

One would have expected that the Bishops of Canada, as watchmen against evil, as guardians of the souls of the flock of Christ, would have been on guard, awake, alert and ready to act. Barring a few lone voices, such as that of the now retired Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, they have been extraordinarily SILENT. Why? 

Why are these bishops SILENT? Do they not care that children are being corrupted? That their souls are in danger of eternal damnation? 

Why would a man of God be silent about teaching children how to masturbate?

Why would a man of God remain silent about children being taught about contraception (abortifacients)? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children how to fornication? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children the unnatural perversions of oral and anal "sex"? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children that homosexuality is good?

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children that you can change your sex?

The other day, when I posted on Cardinal McCarrick being the tip of the iceberg when it comes to practicing homosexual prelates, I received the following comment from the excellent blog, Everyday for Life, Canada:

It’s no surprise then why the Catholic Church in Canada has been silent on radical sex “education” programs entering the nation’s classrooms to corrupt children’s souls. We need to pray for the victims of these sexual predators disguised in priestly garb.

Notorious Canadian dissenter, Gregory Baum

Yes, it is a sobering and horrifying thought to contemplate homosexual bishops actively involved in corrupting the souls of innocent children.  Evil men who masturbate boys and each other, will hardly be concerned about evil people teaching children how to masturbate. Their standard practice is to keep silent and let the media, the movies, the internet, immoral teachers and parents do their dirty work for them. 

Everyday for Life, Canada is absolutely correct. The silence of the various hierarchies is due to homosexual infiltration. He has written an excellent article on the duties of bishops, and their frightful failings in addressing sexual corruption of the faithful, especially children. 

We also cannot forget: these churchmen have an entire homosexual "theology" (really a demonology). The Dominican, Fr. Donald J Goergen in his notorious "The Sexual Celibate", wrote back in the 1970s that masturbation was a good.  These "queer" theologians as neo-pagan gnostics, think such acts achieve the "divine".  It is what Alester Crowley called "sex magick". 

More recently, Holy Name Province Franciscan postulant, Christian Seno wrote that the Catholic Church's teachings on the unnaturalness and intrinsic evil of homosexual act"is an act of profound violence and sacrilege". The Franciscan  openly states that homosexuals should be allowed to express "mutual expressions of love". We begin to see the parallels between the homosexual ideology of these men, and the ideology contained in sex-education programs. They are exactly the same. The same language, a different accent. In fact, homosexual churchmen have been for years teaching and promoting a gnostic "queer" ideology. 

The public face in Canada driving the Church into decadence and betrayal was the highly influential homosexual priest, Gregory Baum who held sway over many bishops. He encouraged Catholics to ignore the Church's teaching on the sacredness of the marital act. Why would he not? He was a practicing homosexual. Tragically, we do not know if Baum repented before his death. 

Thus they attack in a two pronged manner: silence on the one hand, and the ever increasing overt promotion of gnostic "queer theology" on the other. Pray they repent. Pray they confess. Pray they make reparation by revealing the names of their co-conspirators. 

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Anonymous said...

In the 1980s, Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Roman Danylak tried to stop the Ontario Bishops from developing the Fully Alive program for Catholic schools. He prepared a major report, which his brother bishops apparently decided not to heed. The program was published, and there were many protests. I believe he endured a kind of martyrdom for his defense of children's innocence, being regularly dismissed and even vilified by some as an unreasonable extremist. The newer edition of Fully Alive is more balanced, but still, Bishop Danylak's point about providing too much information at too early an age and unnecessarily awakening a child's sexual curiosity still stands. Who were and are the major episcopal players in Canada responsible for keeping Bishop Danylak's work from getting traction? Who was influencing and guiding them in their decisions?

Interesting that it took a contingent led by an evangelical Protestant (Charles McVety)to get Ontario's Health and Phys Ed curriculum changed under Kathleen Wynne and removed under Doug Ford. What has happened to us Catholics? To paraphrase Galatians 3:1, "O foolish Catholics, who has bewitched you?"

The American writer Randi Engel has maintained that sexual impropriety among clergy is always coupled with liturgical impropriety. In other words, placing individual self realization which subtly marginalizes God's truth and order from the center of the picture in matters of human sexuality is often paralleled by a similar approach to liturgy. In other words, ACCEPTANCE OF DISORDERED HUMAN SEXUALITY AMONG THE CLERGY IS OFTEN PARALLELED BY ACCEPTANCE OF LITURGICAL DISORDER. And poor liturgy is always paralleled by poor theology. SEE THE PATTERN???

The East has retained its particular liturgical traditions, and hasn't largely fallen into this pattern, while the West has in many ways drifted from its moorings. At the liturgical end, I don't think a simple return to the Latin Mass is the answer, but perhaps as a first step, our bishops need to heed Cardinal Robert Sarah's writings on the liturgy, especially as expressed in The Power of Silence. At the moral/sexual/theological end, we Christ has begun to clean house...

Christ is cleansing His bride, and just as + McCarrick has been exposed, so too will others like him here in Canada and elsewhere. There will be deep sorrows and disappointment as scandals arise and reputations built on sand crumble, but out of these times will come liberation of the truths of our faith and a joyous renewal at Christ's unstoppable hand.