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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Theodore McCarrick: the first of MANY homosexual Prelates to be exposed as a sodomite!

Fr. John O' Connor

The tragic exposure (a life of sin is always a tragedy) of Theodore McCarrick as a practicing sodomite is horrifying. It means that Lucifer has all but got control of the Church in the United States. I warn you - this is but the beginning. The next few years - barring incredible coverups - will expose other Cardinals and high ranking Prelates as active, militant sodomites masquerading under a guise of piety. 

Years ago, perhaps about thirty long years ago, a Dominican priest, by the name of Fr. John O'Connor began his "voice in the wilderness" fight against homosexual infiltrators in the priesthood. Fr. O'Connor was "rewarded" by his (homosexual) Superiors with suspension, and then expulsion from the Dominican Order. 

Please watch this entire video. Learn what was going on years ago in the Church. Watch this prophet, learn from him. Stay strong friends, Satan wants to sift you, do not let him. Pray, pray constantly.



TLM said...

Yes, I have seen this video quite a few years back. The house of cards has begun to tumble, so we need to hang on to the robe of Jesus, (and to the contents of our stomachs) and stay under the Mantle of the Blessed Mother. The 'good' Cardinal is only the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

But he wasn't exposed as a sodomite - neither the sex of the child he is credibly accused of sexually abusing nor the adults he sexually abused to which the diocese of Newark admits to paying settlements has been revealed. Nor has it been exposed that those adults to which settlements were paid were seminarians/priests.

How much were these settlements and did Theodore McCarrick personally pay these settlements or did the archdiocese? McCarrick has donated millions to the papal foundation and other organizations. Why should Catholics who contribute to help the church/the poor be paying settlements to sodomites' concubines? Who doesn't imagine that these settlements may be a shell game in which the abusers themselves get cuts from their adult 'victims'? Where did McCarrick (like Maradiaga) get his personal fortune? Not only should the S/H/IT be jailed for life for statutory rape (at the least!) but for financial malfeasance [but just like the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Zuckerbergs, Besos: no jail time for these billionaire thieves and murderers! [peace and justice hah! - come Lord Jesus come!]

http://www.ghrfoundation.org/cardinal-mccarrick.html (also killer keehan)



2009 St Luke's: A Catholic friend in Washington writes to say that he's just received a "save the date" notice for October 19, when the retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington will receive the St. Luke Institute Award at the Vatican Embassy. According to the St. Luke Institute:

At the Annual Benefit, the Saint Luke Award is presented to an individual who in their professional life or charitable works embodies the ideals of the Institute: the rebuilding of the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual life of their brothers and sisters. In undertaking these tasks, the honoree is motivated by the Gospel ideals of compassion, charity, and a belief that all persons are brothers and sisters in Christ.

And the 2018 award winner for contributing to the support of keeping perverts out of jail:
"Bishop Knestout’s many years of service to the Church have been remarkable, as has his concern for the well-being of priests and religious, exemplified by his longstanding support of Saint Luke Institute."

No wonder these sodomite pedophile perverts are opposed to the death penalty for criminals (but not babies in the womb (tear them apart and sell them - go Mao! Go Stalin! Go Emma Bonino and Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden & Ted Kennedy!)

john haggerty said...

Fr. John O'Connor reminded me of the manly and holy priests of my childhood in Scotland in the 1950s and 1960s.

Growing up then we never imagined the corruption that would infect the church from the inside, nor the fierce and mounting opposition to Christianity that has become the hallmark of the New Atheism.

The kind of respect for Christianity that was once shown by agnostic intellectuals like Albert Camus has vanished, to be replaced by what I can only call Attack Dog Atheism.

Listen to Sam Harris turn angrily on Jordan Peterson because Peterson has dared to suggest that Christianity gives meaning to private and public life.

Even Bernard Shaw said English society was unimaginable without Christian belief.

In Britain today a nurse can lose her job for wearing a small crucifix around her neck, but the extreme preachers of violence in some London mosques (only some) are given full licence to incite young men to acts of barbarism.

Please watch 'The Left's War on Christ' (YouTube) by Sarah Corriher, a young millenial who left England (which she sees as a dying culture) for the USA.