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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Theodore McCarrick and the Homosexual Infiltration of Seminaries

Franciscans in NYC getting ready for a "gay pride" event

This week, the Church in the United States entered a state of spiritual paralysis. We now know that Church authorities made financial payments in two cases involving the homosexual activity of Theodore "Cardinal" McCarrick. This has the most serious implications. It means that the Ranking Prelate of the Hierarchy in the United States was a practicing homosexual. It means that this same Ranking Prelate, McCarrick was allowed - though a practicing sodomite (to use the biblical term) - to continue as an active Bishop. It means that very, very powerful enemies of Christ in the Hierarchy ( a mix of homosexuals, communists, Freemasons, Satanists/occultists) covered and protected McCarrick. Fr. Z carries an interesting reflection. 

Let us now review a serious warning on the subject of homosexual infiltration of seminaries that the late Fr. John O'Connor addressed to Catholics in America nearly thirty years ago. When Fr. O'Connor spoke of these issues, he was derided and mocked. He was suspended, and then expelled from his Order. Well, we begin to see why. These infiltrators did not want to be exposed. 

Fr. John O'Connor, pray for us. 

More to come.....


Anonymous said...

This has been and continues to be a tragic chapter in the life of the Church. I commend you for putting up this video. Many good men left North American seminaries in the 1980s, including myself. These places and the theology faculties where their candidates studied had become ethically and anthropologically (theologically-speaking) unmoored, confused and full of self-doubing "leaders" in matters concerning the eternal truths of our faith, especially regarding human sexuality. No one seemed sure anymore, and the permitted decadence that ensued became a form of spiritual prostitution. In Israel's history, spiritual prostitution always led to a withdrawing of God's protection for the purposes of destruction of the evil and purification. Out of this destruction there always arose a faithful remnant, as there is arising today.

Much of this confusion was sown by dissident theologians whose errant and twisted interpretations of Vatican II undermined the sensuus fidelium and consciences of many, including seminary rectors and faculty members. Some were deliberate in their efforts to derail any sense of continuity with Sacred Tradition. Perhaps Gregory Baum was one of those. Others followed the spirit of these deceivers, going along with the corrupted theological flow, becoming confused themselves, and looking to these false shepherds, their writings and mentorship to guide and further their own academic careers, their writings and teaching. Some under the influence of these confused "theologians" were rewarded by being appointed to teach in seminaries. Others eventually became influential clerics of various ranks all the way up the ecclesiastical ladder.

Now this is slowly being exposed for what it is: as a demonic attempt to unseat Christ from his rightful ruling place in our human relationships, our studies, centers of learning and formation, and ultimately in the Church. It's going to be a rough ride while these rebellious and dissident ones are still firmly entrenched in the system with their own networks of support throughout the ecclesiastical and academic world. However, that network and its influence are being dismantled; hearts are being changed. Christ WILL triumph. He always does.

Anonymous said...

So what are you Roman Catholics going to DO about it??? Homosexuality is an evil sin, no matter if all of your clergy try to convince you otherwise. Homosexuals must repent in order to be saved.

Kathleen1031 said...

Now there's a priest. Even just hearing the speech patterns of this man, familiar to me since I was blessed to be born in a former time, is consoling and sweetly nostalgic. And here is a man who understands what is going on, and what the problem is, with courage enough to address it. Would these Masonic/Communist/Sodomite/atheist/ heretics be able to keep THIS man silent on homosexuality, if he were alive today to see how bad it is? Not on your life!

Anonymous said...

Who is in a position of power because they slept with McCarrick? What bishops are active, who slept with McCarrick to become a bishops? We need this investigated. We demand they investigate this! There has to be bishops who McCarrick paid back for the "favors" he received from them and for them keeping their, mouths shut.