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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Justin Trudeau and the promotion of child abuse

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. He has recently criticized an internal matter of the United States. However, rather than involve himself (hypocritically it has been discovered) in an internal matter of another sovereign Nation, Justin Trudeau would do well to examine himself. 

Whence this sudden concern for babies? For children? For families? 

Let us examine Trudeau's record on being pro-baby, pro-child and pro-family. 

From Justin Trudueau's public positions he stridently supports abortion. Indeed, so fanatical is his support that he is spending $650 million of taxpayers' money to kill black, brown and yellow babies in the third world. Evidently, not only a supporter of pre-natal infanticide, but with a racist  flavour. Strike One. 

From Justin Trudeau's public activities and those of his government, he also cares not for post-natal children. Everyday for Life Canada carries a horrifying report of tax funded LGBT propaganda being hoisted on innocent children.  

Justin Trudeau also has no qualms about taking his children to obscene and evil "gay pride parades". He has no misgivings about exposing his children men dressed in women's clothes, or bringing his young son up to an obviously mentally deranged man under demonic opression wearing a tutu. This is called child abuse. Strike Two. 

Justin Trudeau has also nosily engaged in militant promotion of the full "LGBT" agenda. When not marching in "gay pride parades", Trudeau is busily promoting homosexuality and sexual perversion and calling such perversion "marriage". For example, Trudeau has also recently given nearly a million of tax payers dollars to a militant homosexual activist group, which is also on the record of being viciously anti-Catholic (post forthcoming). Strike Three. 

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