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Monday, 4 June 2018

ONTARIO 2018 Election: NDP would push Ontario into a Depression

Doug Ford is a family man. He is a successful and experienced businessman. He is compassionate. He will be our next Premier

Dear Catholic voters. This is not a political blog. But, at times the issues are so serious regarding politics, that something needs to be said. 

The cost of food (milk, butter, eggs, etc.), the cost of utilities (natural gas, electricity, petrol), the need for immediate tax-CONTROL are all serious, moral issues. Why? Families need to survive. 

Is it moral, when a father cannot provide for his family? Because there are no jobs, or because the cost of food (from 1.5 to 3 times the cost as compared to the USA), or the cost of utilities (e.g. Toronto's cost per kilowatt hour is TWICE that of Chicago), and the burden of taxes is crushing him and his family? 

Ontario - behind the glam, and the glitz - is not doing well economically. Toronto is doing very poorly. The so-called economic engine of Canada is a broken tricycle, when compared to the roaring motors of comparable American cities. 

Dear Catholic voter: are you aware that Boston has a GDP that is about ONE THIRD bigger than Toronto? Are you aware that so does Philadelphia? Are you aware that Houston's GDP is nearly double Toronto's? Don't let anyone lie to you that Toronto's economy is strong, that Ontario's economy is strong.

Let there be no mistake: our economy is weak: burdened with taxes, borrowing, red tape, supply management, corruption and incompetence.

What do you think will happen if the NDP are elected? What do you think will happen when they introduce cap and trade TAXES, a CARBON TAX, the fraudulent Green Energy Act, or the EXTRA 12 % + TAX that they intend to add onto small business?

Friends, pray and act accordingly to protect yourself and your family this Thursday, June 7th, when you go and vote. 

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