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Friday, 22 June 2018

St. Thomas More would understand Bishop Richard Williamson

The Catholic Herald has done us a great favour in publishing an article that St. Thomas More did NOT die for "religious freedom". English Catholics, viciously persecuted for centuries understand this very well. The Catholic Faith is not open to so-called "liberty". Liberty (so-called) ending up as man freeing himself (or so he thinks) from God, His Commandments. 

Since 1776 and 1789, we have heard the deceptive cry of "liberty, equality and fraternity", or "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Sadly, these are the siren cries of Freemasonry. To counter this, may I recall to you, the much maligned Bishop Richard Williamson's cry of:

"doctrine, Catholics have always insisted upon DOCTRINE. Modern man cannot understand doctrine, he cannot understand the importance of doctrine. This is because of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY"! 

There is no doubt in my mind, if St. Thomas More was alive today, he would have much, much more in common with Bishop Williamson than with... well, you work that out. In fact, you know - deep in your heart - that Bishop Williamson would not have to change his religious view one iota, if he lived in pre-Reformation England. For that matter, he would not have to change his views under Leo XIII, or Pius XII. Can the same be said of me, or of you? 

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Everyday For Life Canada said...

What a great homily. May God bless the good bishop to continue to stand and preach the truth.