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Friday, 18 May 2018

Why have so many Catholic Bishops betrayed "gay" people?

Betrayal, horrible betrayal. 

The question of the betrayal of homosexuals by Catholic bishops is one that must be answered. How is it possible for the priests of Jesus Christ to remain - at best - silent when confronted with people who have entered down the dark and destructive path of same-sex attraction, leading (in most cases) to homosexual activity? 

Joseph Sciambra offers us a glimpse into this horrendous betrayal. He should know. For years Joseph was told by evil priests that "gay is good', that God "made you this way"... the usual, demonic lies. As disturbing as this is, it gets worse. Joseph informs us that his efforts to discuss the insidious dangers of "gay-affirmative ministries" is dismissed out of hand - by bishops!!


For opposing "gay-affirmative ministries", Joseph is, in his very own words "the enemy". What a tragedy! 

Over thirty years ago, the late Fr. John O'Connor virtually waged a one man battle with powerful homosexual forces that had infiltrated the priesthood and - as Fr. O'Connor stated - even the episcopacy. Fr. O'Connor was correct. 

Certainly there are other factors involved: blackmail, a loss of Faith... but this betrayal on such a key issue cannot be fully accounted for, without taking into consideration the existence of active, militant homosexual bishops who seek to destroy the Church. 

Please pray for those suffering from same-sex attraction. Please pray for those who have been seduced into the homosexual lifestyle (many times, due to being molested as a child or young boy). 

Sciambra writes:

I have tried in all earnestly and charity to have a discussion with several bishops about the issue of gay-affirmative ministries within their dioceses – the universal reaction has been similar to what I experienced when I tried to report sex abuse – they throw up the shield, get a glazed look on their face and treat you like the enemy. There is no place in the Catholic Church for someone who won’t be silent about the failure of the bishops to address this issue.
I take this very personally, in the 1990s, I had a wonderful and funny sad friend who always wavered on his alliance to being gay. I thought he was simply conflicted. The Catholic Church meant nothing to me. But it meant something to him. He struggled. Then he discovered John J. McNeill and a nearby gay-affirmative parish. Before that, I think he might have gotten out of the life. He didn’t. He died of AIDS before the introduction of anti-retrovirals in 1994. Words have meaning – and consequences. But those who carelessly utter them, are usually not the ones that suffer – or die because of what they said. Its those who listened. I still find the Church complicit in his death. It haunts me to this day.
At age 17, a Catholic priest told me that God created me this way.
Over a decade later, I would talk to another Catholic priest, this time, I was suffering from an anal prolapse – God still made me gay.

The full article may be read here.

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