Monday, 14 May 2018


Today is a day of great sorrow for Catholics. The United States of America has formally moved its Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the "State of Israel". It was pathetic to hear the "Star Spangled Banner" being sung at this ceremony, with the words "land of the free" and "home of the brave" being sung, whilst America is crushed under the Zionist heel. 

But it goes far deeper, than mere political realities. Politics reflect religion - let there be no mistake. 

The history of the world is a theological history. The Jews as a Nation rejected Our Lord, though He Himself was and remains a Jew of the House of David. Our Lord's human heart is Jewish, and the salvific Blood He shed was and remains forever Jewish. This must be kept in mind, or Catholics risk falling into another form of naturalism; that is, hatred of Jews as a race, commonly referred to as "anti-semitism".

However, the rejection of Our Lord has led to disasterous results for the Jews. The belief in the one God has fallen drastically amongst Jews, as having rejected and crucified their Messiah, they seek Him where He is not, in naturalism. Marxism, capitalism, socialism, materialism, Freemasonry, Liberalism, all bear a very heavy imprint of Jewish formation or major influence. This is to be expected, as when one rejects God and sets oneself in opposition to Him, the results can only be dire. 

Since the Crucifixion, the Jewish nation has been combatting the supernatural influence that Our Lord seeks to diffuse through His Catholic Church. Jewish efforts to mould society and social organisms away from the supernatural life of grace, in opposition to Our Lord and His Church, must be combatted. These efforts must be combatted 100 fold over our combatting Islam, as the latter only attack the body, whilst the first attacks the soul and the mind. 

Zionism is a materialistic, messianic ideology permeated with Jewish racial pride. The distinguished Jewish convert, Fr. Lemann, quotes Rabbi Michel Weil as expressing this materialistic messianism accurately, the "true Redeemer as not being a person but Israel transformed into a beacon for the nations" (L'Univers Israelite, 1869, p.315). This same racialist-messianic ideology was re-proposed in the 1960s by Zionist, David Ben-Gurion when he outlined his futuristic vision that included: " In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind..."

Zionism, is viciously anti-Catholic. This may come as a shock to many well-meaning, but misguided and misled Catholics, who support Zionism. 
"Zionism, that politico-religious doctrine which gave birth to the modern state of Israel, was the Jewish heresy that the Messias is not a person, but the Jewish race should come as no surprise that its proponents were and are declared enemies of the Faith. In the book Rome and Jerusalem, another prominent Zionist, Moses Hess (1812-1875), developed the thesis that Rome (Christianity) must be supplanted by Jerusalem (Judaism)".
It should be no surprise to Catholics that in our present day, protestant "evangelicals", fanatically promote the heresy of "Christian Zionism". Every Catholic should, for example,  be repulsed by the psychopathic Catholic-hater, John Hagee and the equally evil Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men, agents of the devil, as Zionists are working against the Will of Christ.

This destructive racialist-messianism, was also alluded to by Pope Pius XII in his Christmas Allocution of 1948 for a very good reason. Palestine had just been invaded and occupied by foreign Jews from Europe. 

The holy Pope proclaimed: 
Hear resounding in the night like the bells of Christmas, the admirable words of the Apostle of the Gentiles, who had himself been a slave to the mean, narrow prejudices of nationalist and racial pride, stricken down along with him on the road to Damascus: 'He (Jesus Christ), is our peace who hath made both (peoples) one...killing the enmities in Himself. And coming He preached peace to you that were afar off, and peace to then that were nigh' (Ephesians, II, 14-17)". 
(Translation from the Italian original as it appeared in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Jan, 31, 1949). 

Thus, we see that building upon Original Sin, the Jewish nation has set itself up against God's plan for a return to Order and Unity of Humanity through submission to Christ's Church, the New Israel. The Jewish nation is called upon to submit to the Mystical Body and not try to impose its naturalistic ambitions on the world. 

Now, let us turn to the question of Palestine, with serene eyes, following the mind of the Church, which is the Mind of Christ. 

Have the Jews a right to Palestine in which they can set up a political State? Given their rejection of Our Lord, it is obvious they can no longer lay claim to the land by Divine Right. They received the land on condition that they obey God. They disobeyed Him, and crucified His Son. Additionally, the Arabs, who have lived in that area have natural rights too, which cannot be forgotten. 

We read in the Catholic Gazette of 1936, an article written by the eminent scholar, the Canon Arendzen: 
"The Arab population... have definite and inalienable rights which must be respected. The Jews are foreigners in Palestine and the intrusion of vast numbers of foreigners so as to swamp the native population seems an act of unprovoked injustice....the Jews have practically evacuated Palestine since 138 A.D., and their intrusion into it after having left it for eighteen hundred years seems unjustifiable, on any known principles of equity"

Having clarified that the Jews do not have a natural right to Palestine, let us delve a little more deeply into the theological implications of Jewish occupation of Palestine. In his book, "The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation", we read by the distinguished Irish historian and priest, Rev. Dr. Denis Fahey: 
"The Jewish claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they have disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection of the Supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of their national domination over the world will yet dawn. The final result will inevitably be another disastrous blow to their hopes, for all their naturalistic attempts to impose their will on God, instead of accepting His, are doomed to failure, and every failure involves the Jewish nation in dire catastrophes" (p. 71). 
Let us therefore pray for the conversion of the Jews, who pain especially Our Lord's Sacred Jewish Heart. 

Today, as "Israel" takes perhaps one step closer to welcoming the Antichrist, let us pray for their return "for the sake of the fathers", as St. Paul did. 

Peace be unto Israel. Come Lord Jesus, come. 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

How rare to hear truthful words on this subject. Has it not been criminalized yet? May God bless You and keep You safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I was hoping to find this type of Catholic commentary on the US embassy move and here I've found it. God Bless.