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Grand Lodge of Ireland, Freemasons Hall, Dublin
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Exit polls strongly suggest the Irish referendum on abortion will result in approximately 70% in favour. This comes as no surprise. In fact, it would have been astonishing if the Irish had rejected abortion. It should be noted that every "Catholic" who voted in favour of abortion incurred latae sententiae excommunication.

When the Irish embraced sodomy, it was only a matter of time that they would embrace abortion. Remember, the warning words of St. Paul: sodomites are "liars and murderers to the end". Paradoxically, whilst once Catholic Ireland was opposed to abortion, Protestant Ulster continues to ban abortion. The pressure, as of this writing, is to force baby killing into Northern Ireland as well.

Goat's Legs representing Bahomet

Why did the Irish fall ? How is it that in one generation the Irish "Catholics" achieved for Satan, what hundreds of years of occupation by a foreign protestant power failed to do? 

Let us take a little trip back to 1983 - 35 years ago - and see what a true Catholic priest had to say about the state of religion and morality in Southern Ireland.  Our little trip "down memory lane" will reveal the near complete decadence of the Church in Ireland during and following the Second Vatican Council. 

I shall quote exclusively from a prophetic address given on the Centenary of the birth of the great Dr. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp, by Fr. J. Aherne, C.S.Sp., at Ely House, Dublin. 

The evils that Dr. Faehy foresaw are fast becoming realities in every country. The trend is to have Christ conform to the world. Christ's revelation is replaced by private judgement where everyone decides for himself or herself what is right or wrong... paganisation of every country is spreading apace - not least here in Ireland, one of the last bastions of Christianity.  
The first success of Satan and his minions in this country was in getting the Irish people to reject the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church from its rightful place in the Irish Constitution... He Himself said that He is the True Vine. Branches cut off from Him wither and are only fit for burning. 
[Here it gets very interesting as we see the role played by the Roman churchmen and the Irish Hierarchy is demolishing the Catholic Church in Eire]. Fr. Aherne continues:  
The words of Christ are being fulfilled in our land, where Satan uses all his stratagems against the Church. After the Second VAtican Council Satan succeeded in twisting the meaning of texts. He got accepted a false ecumenism that all religions are equal and none of them very important. The heresy of Religious Indifferentism is central to Satan's plan. The Church of Christ is put on the same level as man-made religions... 
Worldwide, Satan has got accepted a catechetical method totally lacking in those clear truths which Denis Fahey learned in his schooldays...Surveys show that many children [today's pro-abortion voters] are not taught the existence of Hell, are not taught the Commandments, are not taught the basic prayers of the Church and are not even taught that Christ established only one Church to show mankind how to serve and worship God and so gain Heaven. In the field of sexual morality the directives of the Masonic Lodge, Alta Vendita, would seem to be operative here... 
Today there is no attempt to stop the spread of pornography, of evil films, video shows and books... 
Although the use of contraceptives violates God's law, it is now given legal validity in Ireland, as in most countries...the prime objective of this, would be to facilitate the abandonment of the Faith, since one cannot carry these evil means around and still claim to be able to go to the sacraments. Consequently grace will be lacking and the drift from God accelerated. Satan is so sure of his conquest of IRELAND that he has launched a Secularist Crusade... 
'Wherever the breath of naturalism has passed, the very source of Christian life has dried up" (Cardinal Pie). The present attempts to introduce to introduce Divorce, Abortion and Sodomy into our country prove that the poison is taking effect.  
This is the age-old conflict of Light versus Darkness, of Good versus Evil, of Christianity versus Paganism.  

Let there be no mistake, abortion is Satanic, it is devil worship. The Irish Nation, today, chose Satan over Christ, and until they repent and do penance, Christ's punishment will be indeed wrathful. For to much is given, much is expected. 


Anonymous said...

I knew this would happen - I visited Ireland in the 80s and my experience was there were some very devout Catholics but also many CINOs. At the Mass I attended, I was, coming from Canada, so impressed by the packed church. I will never forget, though, turning after receiving communion and seeing half the church gone. I think this vote was a big finger to the Catholic church in Ireland. I knew many Irish "Catholics" who disliked the Church. I pray for those poor babies.

john haggerty said...

Followers of Toronto Catholic Witness might like to read a book by Peter Hitchens, 'The Rage Against God' (2010) which helps explain the current mood of the Western world.
Mr Hitchens is a globe-trotting journalist; his late brother Christopher was an atheist, but Peter returned to faith in Christianity.
You can see Peter on YouTube discussing the moral crisis in Britain and Europe; in one of the videos he debates quite brilliantly at the Oxford University Union.

YouTube videos on the moral and spiritual crisis in Ireland:
Ireland and the Abolition of God by John Waters.
What the Bleep Happened to Ireland? - John Waters.
John Waters: Ireland and the end of debate.
John Waters on George Soros, abortion and buying Irish.
John Waters urges a No vote to gay marriage.

Mr Waters is author of a number of books including 'Lapsed Agnostic'; 'Beyond Consolation: Or How We Became Too Clever For God'; and 'Was It For This? How Ireland Lost The Plot'.
Like Peter Hitchens or indeed the formidable Jordan Peterson, Mr Waters is now very counter-cultural; and some of our young people (tired of the media's atheistic scam) are beginning to sit up and listen to what these writers are saying.

Western societies are entering a new Dark Age.
We should all think about launching a global network of Christian book clubs, encouraging people to read Augustine's 'Confessions' and his 'City of God' as well as works by Thomas A Kempis, Pascal, John Calvin, the Puritans, John Wesley, Theresa of Lisieux, Kierkegaard, John Henry Newman, Chesterton, Belloc, C.S. Lewis, Simone Weil, Karl Barth, Bonhoeffer, Dorothy Day, Rosemary Haughton, Francis Schaffer, Os Guinness, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, A.W. Pink, Stanley Hauerwas, Donald Macleod, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict etc.

Ignatius Loyola said, 'Pray as if everything depends on God; act as if everything depends on you.'
The tide will turn in the Holy Spirit's own good time, but we must allow Him to work through us.
The harvest is great and the labourers few.

To Christ the glory!

Kathleen1031 said...

To me this is an important point, the Irish people have chosen sodomy and death themselves, it was not foisted on them as for the US and Canada. We aren't innocent by any means, and now we cooperate with abortion, we tolerate it nicely, but the people did not vote and choose it themselves, as the Irish just did.
Go read the comments at, an Irish media outlet of some kind. The comments reveal a celebratory spirit, the Irish are happy abortion is coming and see it as a victory for women. Very clear in the commentary is a theme of now turning attention to the schools to get the church (Catholic faith or Christian faith) out of there as quickly as possible. It will happen. The people feel they have been liberated from God, from the Church, and now that they are FREE, they want it all, no restrictions whatsoever. They have chosen to listen to their sodomite pied piper, Mr. Varadhkar, and follow him into Hell. And the Irish people hate the Catholic Church. This was a colossal rejection of the Church.
The modern culture presents Christian religious faith as oppressive, old fashioned, out of touch, weird, and people care more about that self-image than Christ and his old sourpuss rules. Besides the pope doesn't care. I mean, he never said a word so how bad can it be.

john haggerty said...

Kathleen's point about the silence of Pope Francis is apt.
Francis may simply feel stricken and confused in the face of an unprecedented crisis.
No one could have foreseen the apostasy of Ireland.

The strength of the pro-choice camp in the legalization of abortion in Ireland is a symptom of the decline of belief in God the Creator.
The rights of women have taken precedence over the rights of the unborn child, but this has happened nearly everywhere.
Women of my generation were not going to return to the days of the backstreet abortionist. This was usually enough to stifle any further debate.
Men felt that this was 'a woman's issue' and so we kept out of the conversation.

What we are forgetting is the reason why so many formerly devout Irish Catholics have stopped going to Mass or paying heed to their bishops.
It has happened because of the sexual abuse of children by priests and the cover-up by the hierarchy.

There is also the children's mass graves at Tuam, Ireland's house of tears.
There is no narrative that can explain these horrors to the Irish people, and so the people have turned to the media and to the secular prophets who have their own seductive (anti-Christian) narrative.
It must also be said that in the past the Church ran every aspect of Irish life and this caused resentment at many levels.
Read the biography of John Charles McQuaid, Catholic primate of Ireland and Archbishop of Dublin by John Cooney.
Read the autobiography of Julia O'Faolain 'Trespasses' which gives a sharp insight into Catholic Ireland under McQuaid.
For all the facade of holiness in Ireland at that time there was also clerical arrogance, cruelty and evil. Sex abuse goes back a long way.

When these things started to explode decent people lost their faith in God.
And Ireland has a young population which has no use for Jesus Christ.
They prefer the narrative of Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists.

If Catholic Christianity is reborn in Ireland it will have to be transparent, non-authoritarian and humble.
Christ came in the form of a servant.
The Church must never again forget that.

john haggerty said...

If you have a moment to spare, please look at the blog of David Robertson, a minister in the Free Church of Scotland.

His latest post is 'Ireland Regresses; Sunday, Bloody Sunday' and has a short video of a speech by a young Pro-Life woman Abigail Malone.

Thank you.

john haggerty said...

Please allow me to recommend two videos on YouTube. They are:
'Speech by Maria Steen to the Citizens' Assembly.'
'Maria Steen on the Divorce Epidemic.'

Mrs Steen is a prominent anti-abortion campaigner who is best known as a spokeswoman for the Iona Institute, a Christian think-tank.
A qualified barrister, she campaigned against same-sex marriage in Ireland. Mrs Steen has four children who are home-schooled.

Worth watching too on YouTube are a number of films on Pro-Life rallies in Ireland.
Also please look at:
'Mattie McGrath storms out of Eighth Amendment Committee.'

The comments below the latter video show how divided Ireland is over this painful and complex issue.
This division is reflected in a YouTube discussion:
'The Eighth Referendum Review' (Big Taboo) RTE's Claire Byrne live programme.

Those in favour of legalizing abortion in Ireland were able to enlist the support of big names, international Irish media figures.
Read the online Guardian and see how Ireland's artists called for change, reminding the nation of the thousands of Irish women who had to travel to England for abortions.

See: 'Ireland's Nasty No Campaign' (FP) by Susan McKay an award-winning journalist from Derry.
Ms McKay objected to the No posters showing an 11 month old foetus; she calls the unborn child an 'it'.
A very different world-view separates those of us in the Pro-Life group from those in the Pro-Choice camp.

Ireland sent many White Fathers to Africa.
Let us pray that Africa now sends its priests to Ireland for the conversion of the Irish.

john haggerty said...

Thank you Barona for posting my comments.
The remark about the White Fathers of Ireland who went out to evangelize Africa was actually made by Patrick Coffin.
See Patrick's vlog 'The Fall of Ireland' (Patrick Coffin Media) YouTube.

Patrick believes that Africa will now send 'an army of black fathers to the Land of Saints and Scholars to revivify that once great nation.'

Fulton Sheen said Christendom was over, but not Christ.
Secular Ireland will see how empty and futile life is without Him.