What doth it profit a man to attend Latin Masses, but not live like the Good Samaritan?
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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Feast of the Ascension: Sung Latin Mass

The spiritual, interior life, is where we see the state of the Christian soul. We cannot do good works without Christ always being in first place in our lives. As we witness scandals, errors, we will be tempted more and more to allow this "noise" into our souls, to corrupt it. Resist! Do not let the devil disturb you. 

This evening, in the lovely parish of St. Mary's, in the west-end of Toronto, there will be a Sung Latin Mass. 

Come to worship Christ Our Lord! 

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john haggerty said...

In preparation for my first visit to your city, I have been watching many online videos about Toronto.
Now I am able to see inside St. Mary's Church, West Toronto, YouTube.
Thanks to Toronto Catholic Witness, St. Mary's will be my first port of call.

Please watch YouTube:
'Pope Honors Kate Perry: Vatican Promotes TM.'
(Remnant Video May 9 2010.)

This is one of Michael Matt's most important reports in a long time.

His understanding of Catholic doctrine and holiness is sound as always; and he has the gift of being able to explain it to those of us who have no theological training.

Frank Sheed and his wife Maisie Ward (those great defenders of the faith) had such a gift as Michael's.