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Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Homosexual takeover of the Jesuits

Homosexual propaganda promoted by Jesuits 

Most readers are aware that there is a major homosexual infiltration crisis in the clergy. Not all readers are aware that the Jesuit Order too has been infiltrated. However, probably most readers are not aware that the homosexual takeover is so complete that even Jesuit seminarians, openly promote homosexuality on official Jesuit websites. This is only possible because the Jesuit seminaries are controlled by homosexuals, who bring bring younger practitioners of sodomy in. This is only possible because the Roman authorities do not move against the Jesuit authorities because at best they are blackmailed, or they are themselves homosexuals and/or Freemasons. Let not Catholics be naive dreamers to think Rome is populated with pious, holy churchmen. 

Readers may wish to know that the below mentioned Jason Welle S.J., was not ordained in 2016, due to pressure from the laity. It is not known if the Jesuits will ordain him this year, but Welle remains in active parish service in California as a deacon. 

 From the blog, The Millennial Cardinal: 

The Jesuit Post is another notorious pro-sodomite publication. It regularly publishes pro-homosexual propaganda. Recently it published two articles by a Jesuit Scholastic (meaning this man is studying to be ordained as a Jesuit priest) Jason Welle,  S. J. They may be read here and here. 
Welle wrote an article for the Jesuit Post supporting sodomy; supporting intrinsically evil acts. Supporting one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Yet, Welle is going to be ordained (his ordination, if it followed the norms laid down according to law, would be valid, but it certainly would be illicit. c.f. Canon 1040. 2 ” His Ordinand would also, if he knew of Welle’s position, would objectively commit a grave mortal sin in ordaining him c.f. canon 1050. 3).
Fitzmaurice with two practicing homosexuals
Welle also interviewed an Arthur Fitzmaurice. From what can be gathered Fitzmaurice is an open supporter of sodomy. On his Facebook page he poses with two men who are going to be “married”. Is this Catholic? Is this the type of man that a candidate for the priesthood should consult on how to lovingly draw these poor men and women baxck to the Faith, to Confession, to repentance?
Read the full article here. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, the lavander mafia has an insidious presence in the Society of Jesús. Yet there are still many real men in the Jesuits who fight the spiritual fight against this diabolical force. St. Ignatius pray for us.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the entire Catholic Church including the Latin Rite branch is full up to its ears in homo n free masonic membership.
I was a member of a traditional branch controlled by a Jesuit. Yes they do n did spiritual retreats, prayed mass in Latin n wrote anti homo books. As you sat down with them, as you got to know them certain shades fell into place. They were either members of or funded or associated with homos n masons. Their church is a block away from a major lodge where prominent members belong of society.
Even EWTN is totally infiltrated n controlled by masons.Mother Angelica was visited n received funds ranging from the construction of her monastery to her radio TV station and her sisters.Very prominent members of masonry visit her monastery.
EWTN has staff members very masonic INCLUDING THE SO CALLED PRO LIFE STAFF!!They now work with all religions including jews Mormons etc for pro life. One cannot worship God n Devil at the same time.

Unknown said...

Oh no! And now with this blog post they have thier sights set on you. Be sure to avoid gyms, flower shops, and salons. Look out for men in pink jumpsuots with buzz cuts! What a tool.