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Sunday, 28 May 2017

All Inclusive Ministries: Does the Archdiocese of Toronto's "gay" church promote homosexual activity?

AIM Mass in downtown Toronto.
 Behind Fr. Gilles Mongeau S.J., is the "gay" Rainbow flag

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that each and every homosexual act - without exception - is always and everywhere objectively intrinsically evil. This is the constant teaching of the Church, based on Scared Scripture and Tradition. Under no circumstances can homosexual behaviour be approved of. 

Out of pastoral love and care for all Her children, the Catholic Church established for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, the organization Courage, for those with these attractions to lead celibate lives and partake of the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion. 

In opposition to the Church and Her loving ministry of Courage, there are dissident groups, such as Dignity and New Ways Ministry that sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly promote homosexual activity as not always sinful. In fact, I recently posted three extensive quotations from Dominicans who oppose Catholic teaching that homosexual activity is intrinsically evil. 

Recently, I wrote about All Inclusive Ministries (AIM). This organization states that it is under Archdiocesan approval and supports Catholic teaching on sexual activity outside of Holy Matrimony. 

Distribution of the Precious Blood at AIM Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes, Toronto

Let us now look at a number of very, very troubling and ambiguous statements published on the AIM blog that certainly raises doubt as to how much AIM really follows Church teaching. As I asked in my post title: "does the archdiocese of Toronto's "gay" church promote homosexual activity"? At best the answer would seem to be a disconcerting ambiguity, at worst, yes they do. 

The first concern of any reviewer of the AIM website should be the prolific use of the "Rainbow" flag. This flag is a symbol of homosexual empowerment, of homosexual "pride". In no way does the "Rainbow" flag represent a vision of people with same-sex attraction, who out of love of Christ, affirm and live celibate lives. The second concern should be the curious, ambivalent language regarding homosexual acts and the reception of Holy Communion.

A selection from AIM's blog:

In the context of LGBT people, though, the association of lifestyle choices with sinful behaviour often leads to the conviction that LGBT are in a constant state of sin: because of a strong identification of LGBT people with sexually impure thoughts or actions, they are thus never worthy to receive of the sacred mysteries. This is an unfortunate consequence of associating what could potentially be loving relationships and friendships with the sin of lust; of being convinced by both secular and ultra-conservative voices that LGBT people are “of the world,” are by their own nature and choices living contrary to Church teaching, and as such can never be pure enough to be worthy of receiving the Eucharist. [link]

 "...we hear, for example, stories of bishops and priests who apparently want to enforce canon laws to refuse giving communion to lesbian and gay Catholics..." [link]

"...so, then, what about us lesbian and gay Catholics, and our relation to the contemporary Church? What are we to do with those who scream out biblical verses and canon laws to exclude us? [link]

As lesbian, gay, bi and trans Catholic people at All Inclusive Ministries, we know and experience this merciful and inclusive sacramental grace of God in our Masses, our communal activities, and our friendships. [link]

As the Catholic Church under Pope Francis is shifting horizons and moving towards more pastoral and inclusive approaches for gay and lesbian Catholics that are based on the many examples and living reality of committed and loving same-sex relationshipsin the meantime, I figured that the more important work to do was to work on myself and deal with the feelings of loneliness. So, I joined a very active Jesuit Catholic parish in downtown Toronto with an inclusive ministry for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics called All Inclusive Ministries (AIM). [link]

 "...after I took communion and returned to my seat in the pew, I looked up towards the line of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and straight Catholics, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and a mix of all age groups, going up for communion too. [link]

But what am I supposed to say to a gay student who seriously doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of his life?”

I must confess, it took a long time before I was able to look this objection in the face. I wasn’t nodding then, but I am now. And the fact that I take it seriously now doesn’t mean that my faith has weakened. On the contrary, it means that my faith is deeper than ever before.

The truth is my faith was fragile back then, despite its robust exterior appearance. If someone criticized something about our Catholic faith, I would argue back as best as I could. But really I was just trying to pacify my own insecurities. I thought that if one teaching was questionable, then maybe they could all be wrong. And I didn’t want my carefully assembled house of cards to fall.

But I’ve grown past that now. My faith has matured so that it doesn’t matter if I struggle with a particular Church teaching or historical event. Nothing will shake my faith at its core, and that’s what really matters. [link]

Dear readers, what do these strange statements mean ? Is AIM for or against life-long celibacy for those suffering from same-sex attraction? Confused, aren't you? It is time for AIM to tell Catholics exactly what their position is regarding homosexual activity. 

How long can this state of affairs continue? How is it possible that the Archdiocese of Toronto is unaware of this? Is Cardinal Collins aware of AIM and its strange website and activities? Is Fr. Gilles Mongeau S.J. unaware of the AIM website content? How could he not be, given he writes for it? Further, there is a video in which he speaks not disapprovingly of Dignity Masses. What action will be taken by the Archdiocese of Toronto to suppress AIM? These are all legitimate questions that Catholics need answers to. 

To conclude. This is not about so-called "gay bashing". Truth be told, those who suffer from same-sex attraction are some of the saddest people on earth. The spiritual torture they go through, the physical diseases and bowel incontinence they acquire after practicing unnatural vice is anything but "gay". 

Please pray for those who attend AIM Masses that they may find the true Peace of Christ by living celibate lives and offering their same-sex attraction as a cross to be carried on the road to Heaven. 

An excellent resource is the website of Joseph Sciambra. Joseph, once caught in the hellish lifestyle that is homosexuality, finally broke free and now lives in the Grace of Christ and ministers to homosexuals to bring them home to Christ.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious what "inclusivity" means to these people.

Anonymous said...

The "gay Masses" have been going on here for at least a decade.

If the archdiocese doesn't shut this down fast, it should re-name the parish and give it to the Metropolitan gay-friendly United "church."

After all, what does affirmation of homosexuality have in common with that lover of purity St. Bernadette of Soubirous?

What does this affirmation of homosexuality have in common with the Immaculate Mother of God "Our Lady of Lourdes"?

Jonah said...

Their book table does a brisk business:


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! Their friends at Toronto's Catholic Register will come to the rescue and write a favourable story that makes everything look honky-dory.

Ferociter Romanus said...

Of course Collins knows about these masses. I know first hand that he has been told. The fact of the matter is that he is beholden to the gay mafia that actually exercises the power of governance in this archdiocese. He had a chance to clean it up when he first took over, but he waffled and wrung his hands and did nothing. He didn't act like a man then, and now he is nothing more than an emasculated and impotent placeholder.

Anonymous said...

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Pharisees all of you. Levites. None of you is the Samaritan in the gospel. None of you is the widow of Nain at the temple. None of you recalls the story of the lost son. Or the prostitute who perfumed the feet of the Lord. Or the adulterer whom Christ invited all who have not sinned to stone. May you be condemned to grief and suffering eternally by the Lord God our Creator and King who fashioned man from the dust of the earth.

Barona said...

Anonymous 13:41 thank-you for your honesty. I thank-you very much for bringing up those examples: each one speaks of repentance. As I wrote in my post we are to pray for those suffering from same-sex attraction that they lead celibate lives. We, as Catholics, must not fail homosexuals. We must reach out to them and let them know that the Grace is there for holy celibate living.

I am saddened, however, that as you speak of forgiveness (without repentance? - you do not say), you wish to condemn those who uphold Christ's teaching to Hell. Tell me, if someone is to go to hellfire for all eternity for being a "pharisee"; should not someone engaging in homosexuals practices, which - as the Catechism states - is a grave sin against chastity.

The readers of this blog will keep you in their prayers. Please dear friend, seek out a good priest for guidance. If you suffer, or if you know someone who is suffering from same sex attraction, please lookup "Courage" That faithful group will put you in touch with a good priest. Also, please explore Joseph Sciambra's website. Do not be afraid to contact him.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

And the Lord said take the log out of thine eye before the speck out of the eye of thy brother. And the Lord said let he that hath not sinned cast the first stone. It is for our God, our King and Creator to rule us and judge us. Not Paul of Tarsus whose writings dominate teaching today. While the magisterium of the church is man-made, the church is the church of the Lord. And his judgment will come upon ye and that soon enough and it will be for you to see how righteous your thoughts were when you are condemned for them. And you shall be condemned for them. For in the sight of the Lorf, who can stand?

Barona said...

Anonymous 23:58 it is good that at least you admit you reject the Canon of Scripture. I would ask you to consider, though, the following: would Our Lord choose the man "Paul of Tarsus" (no longer saint, readers will notice)to be an Apostle knowing that this same "Paul of Tarsus" would lead the faithful into error through his writings? Christ would be in error. And His Church would be in error too, for declaring his Epistles as Canon and inspired.... and so on. But, as you say, the Magisterium is in error.

Readers will be praying for you, that if you were once a Catholic, you return. If you are suffering from same-sex attraction, or know someone who is, please contact the wonderful group "Courage", who will put you, or your friends/s in contact with a loyal priest.