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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The collapse of the Catholic Church in Canada ~ pray for this poor country!

Kathleen Wynne at the Cardinal's Dinner
Today we celebrate St. Athanasius, the great bishop who stood "contra mundum" in defending Christ and His Church against a Hierarchy that had nearly to a man, gone into heresy. Today, perhaps the crisis is even deeper, more profound. 

Whilst in Athanasius' day the attacks were on dogma and doctrine, today's attack strike at the very idea of Truth. No longer are we just dealing with theological subtleties, but an open attack and hatred of Truth.  

The over-arching heresy of our day is Untruth. A self-contradictory ideology that despises Truth, Dogma, Doctrine. This ideology has a Personal Enemy: His Name is the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. This ideology has a central Dogma: Religious Liberty. It is Satan's ultimate card. Yes, by all means "believe" in Jesus Christ, but keep telling those in darkness - Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, etc., that they are fine in their errors, we all believe in the same "God".... No! we do NOT believe in the same God! We believe in the Triune God, whose Eternal Son is Jesus Christ and is to be worshiped - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - in the Blessed Sacrament.

In Canada, as in most former, western Christian countries, the rot has been here for decades. The 1940s and 50s were already a time of decadence, lukewarmness and decline. Behind the veneer of everything being unchanged, everything was already changing. Catholics were itching to become like their protestant neighbours. Formal attire was still worn: suits and ties, dresses and white gloves... 

Sad, so very sad. 
But these externals could not hide the fact that hearts were already rotted with a hankering for the modern lifestyle. A lifestyle of materialism, hedonism, self-centeredness. The moment the Sexual Revolution exploded, Catholics joined in with abandon. They joined with such gusto, as they were already hankering for it in the forties and fifties as they strolled each Sunday in suit and tie, dress and hat to Latin Mass. The smile was there, the veneer, but behind it was a mouth was full of rotting teeth. Being counter-cultural was the furthest thing from their minds. 

Already in the early 1960s, prominent Catholics were speaking out in favour of contraception. They were not disciplined, doctrine was not reaffirmed, because most priests and bishops had already succumbed. Homosexuality had infiltrated the priesthood and would leave its mark in undermining marriage and the family: either by teaching nothing, or teaching falsehood. Once Catholic Quebec imploded by the late 60s, following on the Quiet Revolution, the Church in Canada entered free-fall. In 1968, the Canadian Hierarchy, under the late Carter brothers rammed through the dissident Winnipeg Statement. Catholics were told they could be good Catholics and use contraception. This precipitated a major moral collapse. 

Nothing like meeting the architect of Canada's abortion
and sodomy laws. At the Cardinal's Dinner, no less! 
The Catholic Church in Ontario, especially Toronto, under the weak leadership of Archbishop Pocock (influenced sadly by the notorious homosexual and dissident theologian, Gregory Baum) winked at contraception and though the Archbishop broke with Baum and formed Share Life, the damage was done. A whole generation had grown up believing that conscience was supreme. The results are a decimated local church with externally a huge amount of money, buildings, connections in the business community.... we all see the millions raised at the annual "Cardinal's Dinner". 

However, let there be no mistake: the Church in Toronto is in collapse. Catholic education in Toronto, in Ontario is very heavily infiltrated with heretical teaching, with dissent, with homosexuality and sexual deviancy. I know - for a fact - that girls regularly leave Catholic high schools for abortions. I know, dear readers, as I have friends in the community who have absolute knowledge of these things, They also have informed me that the protagonists of killing these babies are the mothers of these poor girls. Money, power, worldliness does not build the Church. St Athanasius knew this. As he used to warm the few Catholics who were left, "they have the buildings, we have the Faith". 

Mayor John Torry to the left of the Cardinal 
A perfect example of the quality of the local Toronto church is for us to access the impact of Pope John Paul II's visit for World Youth Day in 2002. Over a decade later we have wide open Sunday shopping, rampant abortion, pornography, prostitution, public and State sanctioned homosexuality, drugs, alcoholism, sexual degeneracy and promiscuity. We have Catholics consuming contraception, having abortions, indulging in pornography etc., just as their "pagan" next door neighbour. 

Indeed, I know of Catholic school girls, who after years of private Catholic education are lesbians, sexual libertines and ardent promoters of Planned Parenthood. Lest we sit back on our laurels, let us also take a sober account of how so many "traditional" Catholics have fallen as well. The behaviour - especially in social media - of many who claim to follow Christ and His Church is anything but edifying. It is not enough to attend a Latin Mass, one must live the Mass in its integrity. Every Catholic must remember that every action, every thought and every word will be judged by God. What doth it profit one to expose a sinner's heresy, but be an unrepentant sinner oneself, causing grave scandal for the Church, driving converts away? 

In their element at "Gay Pride"
Do not be fooled, dear readers, even so-called parochial, private Catholic education - perhaps because it is puffed up with pride about being "rooted deeply in the Catholic tradition" - produces bitter fruit, with the vast majority of students being swept away by the world, the flesh and the devil. God will not be mocked, God does not take kindly to the prideful. Parents must truly access these schools and not be swept away by emotion, cassocks, nuns swirling etc. These are but externals. Judge everything by its internal fruits. 

To conclude: when we see Catholic schools openly promoting homosexuality as part of the Gospel of Our Lord, when we see most Catholics sit on their hands while babies are being aborted, when we see Catholic teens (from even parochial schools) as vulgar, dirty, obscene as their counterparts in the Public and Catholic State schools, we can conclude that the local church in primed for a massive collapse. 

A few years ago, I told a friends that we are in for a massive collapse over the next few years. Predictions are never infallible, but if the present situation continues unabated, we are looking for a 90% collapse in the externals of the local church. Simply put, if 90-95% no longer believe, the collapse in money and buildings is not far behind. 

Wynne with her "lover" at "World Pride". 
The "Family of Faith" campaign may well be the last major cash grab by the Archdiocese of Toronto before the implosion. These people are not fools, and they see that only a few years remain to grab as much money as possible from the older well-meaning Catholics before the younger generation inherits the money. Let there be no mistake, young, nominal Catholics have no intention of handing over cash to the local church. They will need what cash they can get to finance their sybarite lifestyles. 

Pray dear friends that we all hold to the Faith. Let us be humble, not mocking these poor, deluded souls, but praying for our and their constant conversion. For if we are proud, we too will fall. The devil has a myriad of ways of forcing one out of the Church. The photos in this post are not meant to mock or degrade. They are meant to impress upon us all the intimidating power of evil that at times can even get the best of men: look at the poor Apostles fleeing from the Garden of Gethsemane. We must pray for the Cardinal, bishops, the priests, that they become strong in the Faith, even if it means they too will be mistreated like St. Athanasius. But we cannot follow them into error. We must remain humbly true to what Christ has taught. 

Likewise, we should not hate Kathleen Wynne. We can judge her actions, and they are evil. She is objectively a promoter of great evil; of abortion, homosexuality etc. But she has a soul created by God. Jesus Christ died on the Cross for her. For her, we should pray that she repents, converts and goes to Heaven. God will Judge her soul. 

We must never mock sinners, but pray for them. 

St. Athanasius, pray for us. 


Anonymous said...

Truly appalling. If not even these private Catholic schools can be trusted with our children, much less the public Catholic school boards, what other choices do parents have? For those not in a situation where they are able to homeschool, how are they supposed to ensure their children do not grow up into a depraved deviant like the rest? Especially for people in the Toronto area, what acceptable alternatives are there?

Unknown said...

In my opinion the 2002 WYD was an excellent example of the decline of the local church. It started off as a "youth" event that was "only for those up to age 35." But the registrations were so low that the promoters had to start signing up all the old ladies who attend the prayer groups. There were just not enough young Catholics in the GTA to boost the registration numbers, or at least, there were just not enough interested in paying to attend this one week event. No kidding, these kids are taught from day one that Catholicism is something to be embarrassed about.

Unknown said...

In any case, what's the point of a "Cardinal's Dinner"? To raise money. I guess the event was a "success."

Anonymous said...

You cite 1968 as the year of Bishops allowing contraceptives.
June 18,1968 was the date Paul VI changed Holy Orders.
Personally I don't think this is a coincidence.