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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More: Defenders of Holy Matrimony

In that horrifying 16th century, when King Henry VIII, tore England from the Rock of Peter, corrupting and turning the Church in England into the "church" of England, Catholics would do well to recall the witness to Holy Matrimony given by St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. 

Here we have one bishop (out of about 50 bishops. My times have not changed. In other words 98% of the English and Welsh hierarchy went along with the destroyer of the Church in England), and one layman (who gave up the temptations of riches and honour, and then his life to be loyal to Christ). 

These two great saints are a splendid example for the clergy and laity of our day. A remarkable example to to resist the evil clamor coming from the very men, the very churchmen, that a few years ago we would think unthinkable. Especially unthinkable would it be to consider that the very Pope, the man sitting on the Throne of Peter would utter such evil when he spoke last week that those living in grave habitual sin receive grace from God. 

If this be so, then the struggle between the Catholic Church and the despotic Tudor Tyrant was all for naught. Surely, the Pope of the day could have come to some arrangement with the lustful Monarch and winked at his "irregular situation" and even informed the King that he was receiving grace from God. 

No, it could not be so. The Church must be faithful to Christ and His beautiful teaching about Holy Matrimony. Fisher and More understood well the meaning of the Union betwixt Christ and His Church, and how it was reflected in the Union between a man and a woman; she truly obeying him, he delivering himself up for her. 

There can be no doubt that in our selfish world, the resistance to obey on the part of the woman, and the resistance to deliver himself up on the part of the man has removed the "holy" from Matrimony and, is seen  by the near universal manifestations in parish  weddings of the turning of something holy,  sober, dignified into a sad confusion about "partnership", "equality", coupled with the most foolish sentimentalism, superficiality and so on. 

This false understanding of Holy Matrimony, this surrender by churchmen to the world has precipitated an avalanche of profaned marriages. It should come as no surprise that so many marriages collapse when they are not founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. When the very day of Nuptials is a disgraceful circus and call to  lust, rather than a quiet, sober religious ceremony. How many recall that that Louis and Zellie Martin - now canonized - formalized their marriage in a ultra discrete and private ceremony just before midnight? If only more Catholics would follow their example! 

The mockery of Holy Matrimony by society has not been strongly opposed by churchmen. To the contrary, they have enabled this denigration and mockery. We all witnessed and are feeling the effects of the disastrous Synod of the Family, and the cunningly composed Amoris Laetitia which deliberately injected confusion so as to play safe from explicit accusations of heresy. Nonetheless, the effect is the same as open heresy. 

Amoris Laetitia and the mad ravings of dissident churchmen is the compromise that Henry VIII was seeking. Amoris Laetitia contains within it the necessary tools that would have availed the corrupt King and a weak and vacillating Pope to come to an "agreement". An agreement, had it been made, that would have cast the teachings of Christ into outer darkness.  

Let us therefore without bending the knee to the god of compromise, without burning even one grain of sand to the idol of adultery or fornication reject all and any profanation of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. If something is proposed to us, be it from an "angel from heaven", or a Pope, bishop or priest that is not in accord with the unchangeable teachings of Christ and His Church - let him be anathema. The Pope may still be our father, but just as a father remains the head of the family, the children are under no obligation to obey when asked to sin. 

May the prayers of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, as well as all those English and Welsh martyrs for the Faith convert the heart of Pope Francis and the adulterists and homosexualists within the Church; to move them to repentance and to once again teaching the doctrine of Holy Matrimony without compromise. 

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