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Friday, 10 June 2016

Has the Vatican really endorsed Salt and Light TV - the channel that praised the arch-heretic, Gregory Baum?

Thomas Rosica, CSB., at an event in Vancouver, BC., stated the following regarding Salt and Light: 

"The Vatican has told me this is an extremely important way of evangelizing; a discreet, but constant, evangelization".

Fr. Rosica should provide us with the name of the churchman or churchmen who stated this. If the Roman authorities did indeed state this, were they aware of the same Fr. Rosica's praise for the arch-heretic and ex-priest, Gregory Baum. The lauding of Baum, hardly constitutes evangelization, discreet or otherwise. 

"... you have been for me and continue to be a real model of hope... you remain a faithful, deeply devoted Catholic; you love Jesus, the Church, the Eucharist".  

Fr. Thomas Rosica, addressing ex-priest/dissident theologian, Professor Gregory Baum. 

Many Catholics, having heard the scandalous interview with Baum will find it hard to believe that Rome approves of Salt and Light TV. On the other hand, perhaps the Modernist infiltration is so deep, so extensive, that indeed it may not be too difficult to find a wolf in sheep's clothing who will endorse as Catholic a media channel that praises Baum. 

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