Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Sex Education and the Toronto Catholic Classroom

"Among the evil fruits of this decadent age there is an unparalleled betrayal of homosexuals". 
Monsignor Vincent Foy

"Catholic" teachers marching in a parade that is
diametrically opposed to Christian morals

The excellent Catholic blog, "Everyday for Life, Canada", carries very important information for Catholic parents on the process to opt their child/children out of "sex education", (which includes gender ideology). The blog is run by a highly experienced professional educator of great integrity. 

This post provides information to create an Opt-Out Form for the 2019 sex-curriculum for Grade 1. For Grades 2-8 a similar form can be used. Parents just need to change the curriculum expectations for each Grade and inform the school they want to exempt their children from the content of Strand D (that's the sex-curriculum component) found in the Health and Physical Education program. Opting out is not the perfect solution to the problem, but it's a strategy worth using if done effectively. Every school board in Ontario should respect the parent/guardian role in their child’s learning and understands that families may choose to approach or teach topics related to Human Development and Sexual Health in a manner or at an age that differs from what is outlined in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Parents/guardians are therefore provided with the choice to exempt their child from participation in all instruction related to the Human Development and Sexual Health expectations for their grade.

The full article can be read HERE

In this time of great spiritual and moral confusion, we must remember that the dissenters are not our "enemies", but mostly people who have been led astray by false teaching on Catholic doctrine. The vast majority have also received instruction on educational pedagogy that is secular and not Catholic. Indeed, much of it antithetical to the Gospel. Hence the near universal ignorance on what is Catholic education. Pope Benedict XVI stated to American educators: "With regard to the educational forum, the diakonia of truth takes on a heightened significance in societies where secularist ideology drives a wedge between truth and faith".

This is not support but lies and deception 

There is something extremely important we can do for poor transsexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, and others who are suffering sexually. We can pray for them. They are being horribly deceived by people who do not have best interests in mind. The driving ideological force behind the "LGBT" movement is a false gnosticism that has its roots in paganism. 

Let us always keep the late, saintly Monsignor Vincent Foy's words in mind: 
All can pray for homosexuals; we should never deviate from charity towards them while never condoning homosexual activity. We can give homosexuals the example of lives lived in chastity and goodness.
To all homosexuals we say: Peace, Hope, and Joy in your daily pursuit of chastity and holiness. God be with you! May you always keep in your hearts the words of St. Paul, “You are not called to immorality but to holiness.”


Everyday For Life Canada said...

Thank you for the kind words, but much more so for helping to spread the word so that parents can exempt their children from the harmful and toxic radical 2019 sex-curriculum that has entered Ontario public and separate schools. Parents need to be active and pray in order to protect their children's souls from this moral corruption.

John Haggerty said...

*We are begging for (Divine) chastisement,* as Michael J Matt says.

This shameless celebration of homosexual sin within the Church, supported by these teachers in the photographs, and supported by actively homosexual priests and bishops, will bring down the wrath of God on Toronto and all Canada.

See YouTube: *Coronavirus: Making America Pray Again*.
TheRemnantVideo. 12 March 2020.

In the midst of the coming pandemic, St. Paul, Minnesota, is celebrating Abortion Providers Day! Even the city mayor is partying along with the Democrats, the party of death. *We kill babies in this town!* is their motto.

From sodomite marriage and adultery to baby killing and pornography; from Pachamama to the desecration of the Mass; from weak and word-loving bishops to the continuing horror of priestly paedophilia ... the Church and world are asking for punishment from Almighty God.

When did any priest last preach God's wrath on sinners?

The Protestant preacher Jonathan Edwards brought many sinners to Jesus Christ by his hellfire preaching.

We dropped Hell because Catholic modernists and liberal Protestants don't like to hear about Divine judgement and damnation. They do not see that we NEED to be frightened before we can come to repentance before the Cross.

Michael Matt, of course, will come under attack from hypocrites, some of whom wear the robes of the bishop's office; the Catholic Pharisees.

So did the prophet Jeremiah who warned his people, *There is death in the city!*

Following our spiritual death, actual bodily death is now here with the COVID-19 virus.

It is God's judgement on those Toronto teachers who are marching in the Sodom Pride Parade.

Jesus Christ told his OWN Apostles, *Unless ye repent ye will all likewise perish!*

John Haggerty said...

Please watch Michael Voris on the abomination of the *Homosexual Mass* in Detroit, which is the equivalent of the Black Mass, the kind of blasphemy which the sodomite Aleister Crowley (*Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law*) would have relished seeing unholy priests perform at the altar.

*The Vortex - Right Deed, Wrong Motive. Money Talks.*
March 12 2020.

As I said before, the next pope will need to come down very hard on *Rainbow Catholicism*, reform the homosexual Jesuit order, defrock Father James Martin, as well as many cardinals and bishops, and send Catholic teachers back to school to learn their Catholic Catechism.

There will be much howling and grinding of teeth; the liberal media will scream like a banshee in a stormy night; yet this is the ONLY way Catholicism can be cured of its many running sores and diseases.

It will be a smaller Church, of course, but a Church cleansed of modernism; a Church no longer misled by all the wolves in sheep's clothing - those *Sex And the City* cardinals and bishops who whore after media approval.

This coming Church will bring in converts as the pre-Vatican II Church did in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. The era of my father's Catholic Book Club and the Catholic Truth Society.

Pray that the next pope has the courage of the prophet Jeremiah!

John Haggerty said...

In the combox of The Vortex report on homosexual *Mass abuse* in Detroit, Radical Trad writes:

*The only thing the Archdiocese of Detroit cares about is money and gay sex. The only way I see Fr. Perrone being released from House arrest and returning to his parish, is if some big donor comes to (Archbishop Allen) Vigneron with a briefcase full of cash, or a troupe of Chippendale dancers is brought to entertain the Chancery.*

No dystopian novelist could have imagined the depravity into which Catholicism has fallen; no Ira Levin or Terry Southern, in their worst nightmares.

Yet we have a grinning hop-along pope who resembles one of those French comedies starring Monsieur Hulot. It's all whimsical smiles for the media and movie stars, and *Who am I to judge?* false humility.

If he should come down with COVID-19, Pope Francis will need to take a long hard look at himself and his very sick Church.

Barona said...

Everyday for Life, Canada,

Thank-you for your kind words. We must once again thank-you for fighting so openly for children and parents against those who seek to destroy their Faith through indoctrination into "LGBT" ideology.

We notice that the dissenters never discuss the issues. They seem to follow the directives that were established as far back as the 1980s, when various homosexual publications wanted their readers to NOT discuss homosexuality itself, but to talk vaguely about "love" and "rights" etc.

We see this in the approach of the dissident Trustees and teachers. They have had more than an opportunity to address the Catechism, to address doctrine. They refuse because they love money more than "LGBT" ideology. Id they openly said the Church is :wrong" they would have to resign.