Wednesday, 19 February 2020

"Queer children's literature" is being read to primary school children at St. James Catholic School in Toronto

Is the children's picture book, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous a book that "goes to the heart of what it means to be a Catholic teacher, both professionally and religiously...?"

Or is the book something else entirely? 

Based on the analysis of queer theory scholar Jennifer Miller PhD, (University of Texas at Arlington) whose research focus is "LGBTQ children’s picture books", can The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, be reconciled with being "...a Catholic teacher, both professionally and religiously..."? 

As pointed out in our previous post, Miller identifies The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, as part of a subgenre of "new queer children's literature", the objective of which is to queer the straight world, through transforming the normative family unit into queer affirmation. Either she is right, or she she is wrong. If, as an expert in queer theory, she is correct this has serious implications for such books being read and promoted in Catholic schools. 

Let us now, quoting Miller,  delve a little further into the implications of "new queer children's literature", of which, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous is representative. 

...the straight world is changing because of the challenge of queerness inserted within the seemingly straightest of institutions—the family—any theorization of queer futures must involve a rethinking of the present state of existing heterosexualities and homosexualities, as well as the normative core that sustains the difference and distance between them. (p. 1647) 
I suggest that camp is a device used in new queer children’s literature to present homosexuality while desexualizing it. As a result, when the protagonists of new queer children’s literature perform their identities and engage the social world through a camp sensibility, they are enacting prehomosexual identities. I have identified two texts that feature pre-gay characters. (p. 1664)
This project has sought to identify and to begin to define an emerging subgenre of children’s literature I suggest is part of a queer world-making project that is rendering gender creative and transgender youth visible to the youngest of audiences. I have demonstrated that new queer children’s literature emerges alongside other queer-youth-affirming activities  (p.1667)

Dear friends, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous is but one of literally hundreds of pro-"LGBTQ" and "trans" books that are anti-Christian and anti-family. Such books are contrary to the Catholic view of human sexuality and the family, as contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism is, according to the Archdiocese of Toronto's website: 
The most important book of the Church is the Sacred Scripture. In second place comes the Catechism. In the Catechism you find the reliable knowledge about the faith of the Catholic Church, accumulated during more than 2000 years – in precise formulations approved by the Holy Church herself.

We call upon the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) to immediately undertake a review of all books in classrooms pertaining to human sexuality and family life, to ensure that all such books conform to  Catholic Faith and morals. 

Please contact the Cardinal's Office to let your concerns be known:

His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins
Tel: 416-934-0606, ext. 609 

Liaison for Catholic Education: Barry White
Tel: 416-934-3400 ext. 515

Please also contact the school, St. James Catholic School (Ward 4) at which De Buono teaches; ensure to cc your email to Cardinal Collins, and your local Trustee.  

Principal: Joanne Saragosa
E mail:
Tel: 416-393-5046
Fax: 416-393-5275

Superintendent of Education: John Wujek
Tel: 416-222-8282, ext 5371

The Trustees of the Board can be contacted following this link. 


J Haggerty said...

*Resistance To Evil Begins With You.*
Church Militant. 18 February 2020. YouTube.

This is a peaceful call to arms. A spiritual fight for the restoration of Holy Mother Church.

The heresies and abuses that have infiltrated the Church reflect the weakening state of Western societies, from family breakdown to drug and alcohol abuse. Outside observers think the West is collapsing from within.

The gay propaganda flooding junior schools no doubt pleases the homo-heretic clergy, like Cardinal Marx in Germany, and Fr. James Martin in the USA, as well as most of the two-faced American hierarchy.

But it spells the death of the Christian family, and the end of the Catholic Catechism as we know it.
Even as I write there is a Fifth Column in the Church planning for the destruction of family and Catechism. It's *a new way of being Catholic*!

Parents who think of themselves as Protestant or secular humanist should be very concerned at what is happening in schools. Were they ever consulted?

There ought to be a new category to describe this abomination - Child Mental Abuse or Child Identity Abuse.

Clearly the all-powerful gay lobby wishes to build up a flourishing homosexual culture, converting little children to their cause.

The publishing industry is cashing in on it, and soon the television and film industries will follow.

The harm all this will do to boys in particular is incalculable. For it is an attack on the very idea of boyhood and masculinity. I am not talking about masculine stereotypes, but about masculine identity as foundational in the psychological development of boys.

Thank God (and the post-war Christian consensus) that my generation knew nothing of this insanity. Most of us grew up with the presence of a father, some with good fathers and some with bad, but always with a masculine presence in the culture as a whole. The feminist and gay lobbies have undermined this, and it comes at a time when many children grow up without knowing a father.

Now it really is time to fight. And it means taking on the massive homosexual lobby and their cheer-leaders in the Catholic hierarchy.

*Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.*

John Haggerty said...

Recommended on YouTube:

*Douglas Murray - What is the Gay Issue? London Real.*
3 October 2019.

I am an admirer of Douglas Murray's writings and YouTube talks and lectures. He is not afraid to tackle the big moral and social issues, always with courage, intelligence, and passion.

J Haggerty said...

*Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism.*
13 January 2020. John Anderson. YouTube.

Like Jordan Peterson, Mr. Murray is prepared to take a lot of flak from the militant minorities.
He will not bow down to pressure and say that something is true because the militant minorities declare it to be true. Thus he is in conflict with the Trans-Gay, Radical-Feminist Agenda.

The dissidents in Stalinist countries spoke out against state-imposed lies and were silenced for doing so.
When will our politicians, policy-makers and churchmen show the same degree of courage?

John Murray said...

Until a moment ago I did not know that Jordan Peterson was ill or that he knew Douglas Murray. Read The Daily Mail Online:

*Martyr for free speech: Jordan Peterson is the professor vilified by the Left for his crusade against political correctness. Now he's seriously ill, his close friend Douglas Murray reveals the very high price he's paid.*
15 February 2020

We wish Professor Peterson a speedy recovery and will remember him in our prayers.

John Haggerty said...

The above comment is mine, Barona. Why I signed myself as John Murray can only be blamed on old age or confusion caused by posting too many comments!

John Murray (1898-1975) was a noted theologian in the English speaking world.
Born in the Scottish Highlands to crofters, he served in France with the Black Watch during the First World War. Both his brothers were killed. He lost the use of an eye through a piece of shrapnel.

He went on to gain first class honours in Classics at Glasgow University, and later taught Systematic Theology in the United States, first at Princeton then Philadelphia. He was a colleague of Gresham Machen who wrote *The Virgin Birth of Christ* a classic work.

Murray's best known book is *Redemption Accomplished and Applied* which is still in print after nearly 50 years.

This concise work deals with the death of Christ and the way in which the Christian inherits the graces that flow from the eternal sacrifice on Calvary - effectual calling, repentance, faith, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and our adoption as children of God.

These blessings flow from what John Murray calls *the fountain of our salvation*. His phrase always reminds me of the great hymn *There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins.* You can hear it on YouTube.

Robert Barron quotes modernist Paul Tillich in his latest vlog on standing at the tomb of St. Paul in Rome. The good bishop would be better reading John Murray who has none of Tillich's heresies, vanities, and obscurantism.

I have given John Murray's book to people who are without Christ and without hope. An acquaintance told me he is too afraid to read it. This fear often precedes conversion. Darkness fears the light.

Barona said...

Dear friends, we love the comment, but most respectfully let us keep on topic especially given the gravity of the "LGBT" attack on our Catholic schools.

The issue of "LGBT" corruption in the Church and world is for another post. I am asking for patience as we try to resolve this crisis here in Toronto.

The public, open reading and promotion of "queer" literature under the guise of "love and tolerance" must be confronted. It is not a question, as the "LGBT" crowd would like to claim, that we are against new ideas, new ways of doing things etc. To the contrary, I am a great lover of innovation in computer technology.

But when it comes to Faith and Morals if "progressive" means departing from the Gospels, from 2000 years of teaching, then that is something else. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Truth does not change, otherwise it would not be true. We discover truth but do not create it. Wokeness will not save us, only a love affair with God will (to paraphrase Gavin Ashenden). A faithful love affair with Jesus Christ means loving intensely His Church, and her teachings. We cannot love Jesus Christ if we do not love His Church. For those in error, we do not seek to hit them over the head with a two by four. We seek to lovingly, but firmly, challenge them and recall them to fidelity to Christ and His Church. They may not understand or like why the Church teachers what She does on "LGBT" issues, but as faithful Christians, they need to learn to trust in Her, and strive to believe (St. Anselm) in order that they understand.

Thanking you all in advance for your understanding.

J Haggerty said...

*Appeal to the Queen of Heaven to intercede.*

The Vortex - Sift Them Like Wheat.
Church Militant. 21 February 2020. YouTube.

The smoke of Satan has befouled the Church in every country in the world. It began with the degradation of the seminaries and the priesthood. It ended with the sexual abuse of children by predators in priestly clothing.

The haters of Christ are now deep inside the Church. Your faithless bishops are making peace with Antichrist and patting themselves on the back.

Satan's endgame is to seize the souls of the children in Catholic schools in Toronto and elsewhere. Satan has almost achieved this through LGBT, Gender Ideology, cynical politicians, deluded teachers, weak bishops, the Jesuit order, and the secular media.

Appeal to the Queen of Heaven to intercede with her Son.

Beg her to crush the head of the serpent.

John Haggerty said...

*We have to reassert traditional Roman Catholic moral theology.*

The prophetic words of Michael J Matt.

*Apostolic Exploitation: Post-Amazon Control.*
16 February 2020. The Remnant Video. YouTube.

Maybe it will take the *queering of children* in schools for your hierarchy to stop sitting on the fence.

John Haggerty said...

While decent Canadian Catholics are fighting alone to stop Queer-Transgender in junior schools, why are the American bishops and militant homosexual priests silent?

Timothy Dolan, Blaise Cupich, Donald Wuerl, Robert McElroy, Robert Barron, Fr. James Francis etc. : All of you have betrayed your holy calling. Your betrayal of the Gospel can be summed up in the words of Saint Jerome:

*You speak with piety and conceal impiety. You speak Christ and conceal the Antichrist. For you know you will never succeed with your seduction if you disclose Antichrist.*

It is Jesus Christ who will condemn you at your judgment after death, for leading his Church into sin, squalor and ruin. For leading the souls of his little ones astray.

The Christ you will stand before, all you bishops and priests, is the Christ of the Gospel; not the modernist-liberal Antichrist of your own world-loving fantasies.

Do none of you understand that God is angry with you, that the whole world stands under his holy anger?
Have you been so seduced by the media and the entertainments industry that you have forgotten that the wages of sin is death, eternal separation from God?

Unless you fall down in terror before his judgment, how can you know him?
Unless you fear the eternality of hell how can you hope to attain heaven?

*Unless ye repent ye shall all likewise perish.*

Jesus spoke these words to his own Apostles.

He is speaking these words to all you cardinals, bishops, and world-loving priests.

Yes, and you too Pope Francis, you who want so desperately to be the media's darling.

When the world begins to hate you, Holy Father, we will know that you are preaching the Gospel.

Barona said...

John, As Archbishop Lenga has pointed out recently in his public statements in Poland, the silence of the bishops involves them as part of the crisis. A bishop who does nothing, is actually doing something: he is aiding and abetting the destroyers.

I am therefore asking Catholics to write to the Cardinal of Toronto, that he make a stand, that he not be on the wrong side of this horrifying crisis, but that he stand with Christ. The question becomes: what is her, and his fellow bishops afraid of? Being pilloried in the press? Losing State funding? Well, in doing nothing the schools become part of the State and he will have to answer to God for allowing grave evil to be taught to children. I write this hoping so much that this will not come to pass, that in the next week or so, we will hear good news that "queer" literature has been removed from our schools.

John Haggerty said...

Thanks, Barona.

We pray for Cardinal Collins because his responsibility is immense; for the bishops and priests of Toronto; for Catholic teachers and parents; and for all the children in schools.

We pray for those who experience same-sex attraction, as you always say; and for heterosexual people, single or married, who are tempted into sin, because immorality is everywhere in society. The young are so exposed to it.

In this fallen world every sinner experiences wrong thoughts and desires.
As St. Paul puts it, the whole creation groans under the weight of sin.