Thursday, 27 February 2020

The Love of Christ or the love of Self? Are "queer children's" picture books the new "gospel" in Catholic Schools?

The love of Christ constraineth us 
2 Corinthians 5:14
[Guest post By John Haggerty] 

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous is a book for children aged 3-6. Many will be wondering what all the fuss is about. The hero is a red-haired boy who loves his world and who keeps finding "fabulous" things to marvel over. It is the uses to which the book will be put which Catholic parents may want to ask questions about. The book is a palimpsest; one meaning of palimpsest is ... "having diverse layers or aspects beneath the surface". (Merriam-Webster definition.)

Teachers and critics consider the book to have many meanings. It is being used to tell very young impressionable children about sexual activity between people of the same gender. This is going to be the gay crusade inside junior schools. Traditional Catholics and reformed Protestants are now seriously out of step; and in danger of breaking the law through "hate speech". Soon all memory of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality will be a thing of the past.

Elementary school teacher claims this picture book
is "what it means to be a Catholic teacher". Does it? 

So it is understandable that those who take a different position from Mr. De Buono are being portrayed on Canadian television as notorious anti-LGBT fanatics who are also anti-choice on abortion. One can see how the battle lines are being drawn in the spiritual war that is coming. For it IS coming, make no mistake.

In a way you cannot blame Mr De Buono. We have a Pope who says "Who am I to judge?" and who welcomes married homosexuals into the Vatican, not to mention Fr. James Martin, the new face of the pro-gay Jesuits. And Bishop Robert Barron interviewed Californian Dave Rubin on Youtube who is "married" to another man. Bishop Barron told Rubin: "The message of the Church to a gay person should be - you are a beloved child of God who has been embraced by the mercy of Jesus Christ and invited to a full sharing in the Divine Love. You are a son of God, called to eternal life". Mr. Rubin looked very happy at the Church's change of direction. No more preaching from the Catechism or Saint Pope John Paul's heavy moralising! We're all Rainbow Catholics now!

The Toronto Elementary Catholic teachers 
PROMOTING participation at the "Gay Pride" parade. 

There was nothing in the bishop's words about sin, or repentance, or regeneration, or sanctification, or the teaching of the Mosaic Law against homosexual acts; or of Jesus Christ making it clear that marriage can only be between a man and woman. No word from the Apostle Paul! No reminder that this is God's world and God's rules! The Divine Law in the Church of Pope Francis is regarded as a species of good-natured indulgence. It is reduced to a sickly sentiment patterned after human emotion. Bishop Barron's approach is what I call "Sex and the City" theology where everyone hugs everyone and we all troop along to a Gay Blessing in Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

But opposed to this is the love of Christ, which "constrains" us. This love acts as a restraining power, restraining us from every self-seeking purpose. It restrains us from sin and compels us into action for the Kingdom of God. Who could have imagined in the 19th Century that homosexuality would tear the Catholic Church apart and that little children would be indoctrinated into homosexual militancy? 

Even Saint Pope Pius X could not have imagined it in his darkest hour, the pontiff who allowed children of six to receive the Eucharist. Once a private activity, homosexuality is now public policy.

Homosexual militants have (humanly speaking) succeeded in conquering the once impregnable Citadel. The One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


John Haggerty said...

*The Scottish Daily Mail* (February 27, 2020) has an article headlined:

*So who DID think inviting a sexually explicit drag queen to a primary (junior) school was a good idea?*

The author of this op-ed piece is Joanna Williams author of the book, *Women vs. Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars*.

Ms. Williams revealed that Mhairi Black, a Scottish Nationalist and Member of Parliament, popped along to a local school for a storytelling session with the children.

Only Mhairi did NOT come alone. Oh no, she brought with her a notorious drag queen who is said to be posting dirty stories on social media.

Bold Mhairi was following the American fashion for *drag queen story hour* in junior schools. Now the bairns of Scotland are being introduced to this gender-gay frivolity. All in the name of *inclusion*.

*In the hands of ideologically inspired teachers and librarians,* writes Joanna Williams, *nothing is off limits in the drive to shock children out of their hetero normative assumptions.*

The coinage *hetero normative* is a bit of a tongue twister. It just means that the way we thought about men and women for the last 2,000 years is past its sell-by date and has to go. Who says so?

Well, the Gay Militants say so.

They and their camp followers in the media, The Guardian, the BBC, the movie industry, the music industry, the vote-chasing politicians, the judiciary, the trendy academics, the queer bishops, and of course The Young People.

If The Young People are keen on any new idea it has to be good, right?
I mean they are YOUNG, they are the fount of all wisdom and progress, yeah?

It's one thing to trash your own society the way the hippies and the Maoists and the Marxists did. But now the minds of infants are being trashed, all in the name of Homosexual Worship.

So genital men who get sexual pleasure out of wearing women's underwear are raising the consciousness of tiny tots in junior schools, telling them all about Gay Pooh Bear and The Boy Who Wears Girly Frocks, and encouraging them to explore their gender-fluid identities.

It's happening all across America. And now in Scotland, a country that once had an identity as a nation under God.

Mhairi Black is posting comments on Twitter accusing her critics of transphobia and homophobia and Mhairiphobia.
I plead guilty to all three, especially the LAST.

First the government allowed homosexual men the right to adopt and raise babies. Now they are being allowed to rewrite the brain chemistry of little children.

Speak out and you will be charged with *hate speech*. The police will be knocking at your door. Wait till they see my library. A Calvinist with Catholic leanings. How guilty is that?

Just the other day an acquaintance said, *You sound just like a Muslim!*
I told him I would take that as a compliment. Muslims believe in God and in a stable and moral society. They don't do Gender Ideology.

Now is the time to stand up and say that we are not ashamed of the Gospel, that we believe in winning back the West (peacefully) for Jesus Christ.

Christians. You know, that mad lot who gave us Western Civilization.

The ones that the gender-fluid Emperor Nero fed to the lions.

(A version of the article by Joanna Williams appeared in The Spectator.)

John Haggerty said...

G.K. Chesterton said, *Never presume; one of the thieves at Calvary was damned. Never despair; one of the thieves was saved.*

Never despair.

Homosexual Militants have only succeeded in conquering the Church *humanly speaking*. They can never win even if they are now in positions of power in the American hierarchy, in the Society of Jesus, and within the Vatican.

With the prayers, sacrifices, and peaceful protests of faithful Catholics, Jesus Christ will drive the Homo-Heretics out of His Church as He drove the money changers out of the Temple. And the next pope will reform the Jesuits.

But right now we must stop the Militants from corrupting the hearts of children.

The Devil has appeared to Mr. De Buono as an angel of light, convincing him that evil is good and good evil.

Pray daily for Mr. De Buono's deliverance from the Father of Lies.

As I said above, this is also happening in (once Christian) Scotland.
We are home to every filthy demon, all masquerading as angels of light.

Abortion on demand, the Morning After Pill, prayers banned at school assemblies, the Bible spat upon, gay marriage, gay adoption, Gender Ideology in junior schools, Protestant churches now drinking dens, street preachers prosecuted, the Catholic Church cowed, Christians being ridiculed as *deluded*, drug deaths at an all time high, anti-social behaviour rampant on our filthy streets ... Scotland is leading the world in everything!

Irenaeus said...

Thank you for sharing, John.

John Haggerty said...

*If socialists become dominant in America, it will be lights out for the Church. From sea to shining sea.*

A timely warning from Michael Voris, the Hilaire Belloc of the 21st Century Church.

Watch The Vortex - *Future Hanging in the Balance.*
Church Militant. 27 February 2020.

Michael adds, *Socialism will end religious liberty, disregard natural law, and defeat the common good.*

People I meet in Scotland and England tell me they enjoy listening to President Trump.

But it is not done to say so in public, for fear of ridicule by the progressives who dominate public discourse, and who run the media and culture; progressives who never miss an opportunity to deride Christian faith.

When BBC Television had a discussion about civil partnership between same sex couples, the churchman brought in for comment was Richard Holloway, formerly archbishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Mr. Holloway retired from his position as archbishop, taking with him a generous pension; then announced that he did not believe in God.

He followed this breezy disclosure with books such as *Godless Morality*; wrote and hosted a history of Scottish Christianity for BBC TV; and became chair of the Scottish Arts Council.

Media people call Holloway *much loved*. He has a knack for tickling the ears of the love people with pious platitudes. It sells books.

On BBC's Scottish Newsnight Mr. Holloway said that Jesus was silent about homosexual acts and that all decent people favoured civil partnership. The Holloway philosophy is that if God existed He would definitely be pro-gay. Work that one out!

The last time I watched him on YouTube Richard Holloway was pondering the riddle of consciousness, something about the cosmos getting to know itself through our minds asking questions about the cosmos.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a godless archbishop.

I suspect there are quite a lot of these old hippies in the United States. Cosmos-haunted bishops who don't have to worry about an impecunious old age. Good socialists too.

John Haggerty said...

To sum up, Barona.

You now have an LGBT sex curriculum (as well as Gay Pride Clubs) in Catholic schools in Toronto.
You now have blasphemous homosexual masses in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish led by the Jesuit rainbow father, Giles Mongeau.
And you now have a cardinal who either caved into, or supports, Gender Identity Theory in junior schools.

A cardinal who could easily have issued a strong public statement declaring Child Identity Abuse (my phrase) to be contrary to Catholic teaching, and contrary to the Catholic Catechism, but who chose to say nothing. NOTHING.

Is Cardinal Collins himself homosexual? Or is he worried that there are actively homosexual priests in the diocese who would be blackmailed by Militant Gays?

The same scenario is being enacted throughout the United States. Europe will follow suite. This is the falling domino effect. We will see it in Australia and New Zealand though not, thank God, in African countries.

The British Humanist Association is on the march in its campaign against Christianity in schools and the public forum. These new humanists are very entitled people with a burning hatred of the faith such as we have not seen since the old Soviet state and its satellites.

The Gay-Transgender movement underwrites much of Humanist strategy in Britain and they mean to make the churches pay for (as they see it) *oppressing* gay people in the past. Their narrative is as warped as Mao's Cultural Revolution but the young are buying into it.

And a third party in the war to destroy Christianity is the Richard Dawkins Foundation, which does good in promoting scientific understanding, and a great deal of evil in its determination to erase the Christian foundations of Western Civilization.

I did not exaggerate when I said that a spiritual war is coming.

But I am praying for a series of broadsides from devout Catholic and staunch Protestant protesters.

Taking the enemy by surprise is an essential strategy in warfare, but I would also suggest the mounting of public prayer processions; and holy days when hymns and readings from Scripture are heard in public once again.

Catholics need to pray without ceasing in church and at home, but they will also need to go very public.

And there are a great many Catholics in Canada, even in this dark night of the soul.

*Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world have mercy.*

J Haggerty said...

And finally please read ...

*The Culture of Childhood: We've Almost Destroyed It.*
Peter Gray Ph.D. Psychology Today.

A research professor at Boston College, Dr. Gray writes: *I don't want to trivialize the roles of adults in children's lives, but, truth be told, we adults greatly exaggerate our roles in our theories and beliefs about how children develop. We have this adult-centric view that we raise, socialize, and educate children.*

This short article does not mention gender, but one has to ask why the gender theorists are meddling in something they scarcely understand.

Until now children reached their own self-understanding on gender identity.

The state never usurped the role of parents and home life. We had moved away from the bad old gender stereotyping. Girls can be engineers, boys can be interior decorators.

My Catholic father (an engineer born in 1915) passionately believed in girls going on to do higher education, including engineering.

But encouraging male teachers to wear women's clothing is more than just a step too far. It is an LGBT-directed innovation. So why are Catholic Moms and Dads afraid to challenge the tyranny of the LGBT agenda?

A question for Cardinal Collins.

Is this really about the well-being of children or is it an ideologically-driven agenda?

An agenda that aims to rewrite the very language we use in everyday speech, and even in what we write and publish.

An agenda that will ruthlessly control and monitor the way we think and speak about gender and sexuality. The most radical change in culture in my 69 years of living. As totalitarian as George Orwell's *1984*.

Something very sinister is going on.

And still Cardinal Collins is silent.

Barona said...


No, Cardinal Collins is not a homosexual. He was selected for Toronto by our then dreadful Nuncio because he was known to be personally orthodox and sound, but timid, weak and a safe placement, as he would not "rock the boat". Prior to his episcopal appointments, he spent nearly 20 years as a seminary professor. Several years ago, when the Archbishop was appointed in Toronto, a friend of mine told me that he had been told that then Archbishop Collins will do nothing in Toronto. His track record in Alberta reflected this, and this gentleman assured my friend that this would continue in Toronto. Hence we had the timidity during the last election, we had timidity over the euthanasia bill, we have now ongoing timidity over the "LGBT" takeover of Toronto's Catholic schools, and we have the more recent timidity (a Letter released the other day, "too little, too late" as the saying goes) etc.,etc.

In fairness to Cardinal Collins over the "LGBT" putsch in the schools, he was the last man standing, after the militants took over all the other "Catholic" Boards during the past couple of years. On the other hand, the treachery and cowardice of his brother bishops does not excuse him. However, we can see, that a weak, timid man can(and seems to be) easily pressured by powerful forces in the Archdiocese. I would also venture to guess that amongst these forces are very wealthy, powerful laymen. For example, a Board member on St. Michael's College School paid for a mass homosexual "wedding" day. This man remains on the Basilian Board of the school. This is but one example of how very rich, corrupt men have bought out the hierarchy for their own insidious reasons.

John Haggerty said...

Thank you Barona for your summary of this complex history; from *the treachery and cowardice* of bishops to the rich man who financed this travesty of a mass wedding.

Strange, if I had not found Toronto Catholic Witness, I would never have imagined that such things could happen in the Canada of my fond imagination. How often I have pored over old copies of National Geographic, featuring Canada's cities and prairies, or read your novelists and short story writers!

Imagine a Canadian novelist in the 1970s or 1980s, writing this dystopian vision of the Catholic Church. Would he/she have found a publisher? Even anti-Catholics would have been sceptical that the Church could ever become this corrupt.

My Catholic primary teacher at St. Pius X School, Miss Wade, told us of the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette and of Saint Father Jean Vianney.

I remember walking home and trying to imagine Rome losing the faith. Family life was stable in those days. There was a clear sense of right and wrong. Divorce was very unusual. Homosexuality was hidden and still a crime.

*The greatest obstacle in the apostolate of the Church is the timidity or rather the cowardice of the faithful,* said Saint Pope Pius X.

*God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.* 2 Timothy 1:7

The foreknowledge of God has placed us in these strange times. How often Christ tells the Apostles not to be afraid!

*The Lord is our stronghold and our strength.*
He will reform His Church.