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Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Queering of Children: How "queer children's literature" is being taught in Catholic classrooms in Toronto

The above tweet was posted by a Catholic teacher from Toronto, Paolo De Buono. The book he refers to is "The Boy Who Cried Fabulous" by Lesléa Newman.  

Paolo De Buono asks if it can be pointed out how the book he reads to  schoolchildren in the classroom is contrary to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. De Buono has also stated he is "100% certain that what I've done is consistent with...my religious beliefs as a Catholic". 

Let us now look at The Boy Who Cried Fabulous. I shall cite from the peer-reviewed "Journal of Homosexuality", from a pro-LGBT author, so that there can be absolutely no misunderstanding about "reading" pro-LGBT ideas into the book. 

The following quotations are from the article entitled: For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in "New" Queer Children's Literature (2019) by Jennifer Miller. 

Miller states:"...The Boy Who Cried Fabulous (2007), suggest a pre-homosexual gender expression by embracing gay affect, particularly excess and flamboyance" (p. 1645).

The book belongs to a new subgenre of pro-LGBT books: "I refer to this growing subgenre of children’s picture books as “new queer children’s literature” to differentiate it from the inclusion of lesbian and gay themes that precede it, which focused primarily on cisgender adult gays and lesbians (p. 1645).

According to Miller, this subgenre of children's literature is "queering the straight world", and regarding the "normative family unit" as "an object of critical queering", that leads to "transformative queer world-making"  and results in childhood and parents who are "queered" (p. 1646). 

Writes Miller: 
I suggest that in contradistinction to the “old” queer children’s literature, which is committed to a narrow vision of normalcythe new queer children’s literature introduces the possibility of queering the straight world. New queer children’s literature represents the coexistence of straights and queers in the most intimate of domestic spaces: kitchens, living rooms, playgrounds, and bookshelves. As a result, new queer children’s literature takes the most normative of institutions—the family—as an object of critical queering. 
Additionally, new queer children’s literature rejects the adultist logics that structure the normative family unit (Flasher, 1978). It represents queer children as desiring subjects and knowledge makers, while representing the vulnerability and, at times, the inadequacy of the heterosexual family unit. In doing so, childhood itself is queered in the new queer children’s literature. I identify new queer children’s literature as a primary locus of transformative queer world-making. New queer children’s literature refuses hierarchical distinctions between straightness and queerness and portrays the possibility of coexistence through queer love; love for the queer child is love that queers the cisgender heterosexual adult. (p. 1646)

Miller notes that such literature has a very powerful effect on young children: 
"...children’s picture books are a powerful socializing agent because they are often introduced in early infancy. The emergence of new queer children’s literature provides young people with the opportunity to imagine and perform gender identity beyond the restrictive stereotypes deemed acceptable in dominant culture. As a result, I argue that the new queer children’s literature is disruptive. It disrupts dominant cultural expectations about gender and refuses to accept restrictive social worlds (p.1654).

Examples of "queer children's literature" 

Let us now study Miller's analysis of the book to see the "queer" themes that permeate it: 
The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, written by Lesléa Newman and illustrated by Peter Ferguson, it about a young boy named Roger whose enthusiasm for life often distracts him from his tasks. In Ferguson’s nostalgic images, formally clad women and men stroll down the street in attire typical of the 1930s. The book opens with Roger waving goodbye to his mother as he heads to school. The text reads: “When Roger started out for school,/his mother set a simple rule. She said, “now Roger, you go straight—straight to class, and don’t be late. Roger tried hard to obey, he knew that he should not delay.” The repetition of the word straight, and its emphasis, at the text’s opening support a reading of Roger as a pre-homosexual character
The queer child cannot go straight to class; he is pleasure-seeking and easily distracted. In this instance he is diverted by a storefront featuring a man’s red suit, accented by purple buttons with a matching tie and handkerchief. The fabulous ensemble expresses a camp aesthetic that exceeds conventions; it is flashy and flamboyant. Roger enters the store and proceeds to use the word fabulous to describe everything in it. His uncritical joy expresses the commitment to pleasure that Sontag identified as essential to camp sensibility. However, reactions to and consequences for campiness are serious. When he finally gets to school, his teacher angrily orders him to sit, and reminds him not to “gad about” on his way home from school. The term gad refers explicitly to seeking pleasure, which further reinforces the text’s commitment to campiness and serves to queer Roger by associating him with camp. 
Repetition is an element of children’s picture books generally, and this one is no exception. On his way home, Roger is again distracted by a fabulous world that offers so much to delight in. The smell of pie, a woman’s beautiful purse, and even a book all draw him in. Roger eventually passes the street only to enter an equally fabulous park. Time passes quickly, and he realizes it is getting dark. He has gadded about, finding pleasure in the most unusual places—the usual ones. 
At home, Roger is confronted by his sad mother and angry father. He is sent to his room, while his parents debate how best to keep their son on track. They decide that policing his vocabulary will help him channel his energy toward the productive and away from the pleasurable. To that end they tell him to stop using the word fabulous. While walking with his parents, Roger attempts to ignore the wonders of the world and walk through the city without appreciating or finding pleasure in it. However, this proves an impossible task. In one image Roger is depicted with eyes wide as he passes Marv’s Diner. His mother and father look at him suspiciously as his mother holds his hand. The sign gave him an idea. He replaces the forbidden word fabulous with the word marvelous.  
While at lunch with his parents, every object he encounters is marvelous. After they leave the diner, the family stumbles onto a parade. Of course, it is marvelous, but beyond marvelous it is “luscious,” “scrumptious,” “stunning,” “thrilling,” “brilliant,” “magnificent,” and, finally, “fabulous.” After the forbidden word is spoken, Roger looks at his parents nervously. But, to his surprise, they smile and celebrate, queered by the child, able to see through pleasure-seeking eyes, the wonders of the world around them. The book ends with an image of Roger balancing on his parents’ shoulders as they tell him how much fun they had on their walk, referring to him as fabulous. The familial conflict is resolved with the queer child raised victoriously on the shoulders of his parents. 
In describing the text, I have explained my interpretation of Roger as a pre-homosexual character. Also important for my overall analysis of new queer children’s literature is the transformation of the heterosexual family unit from a site of policing to one of celebration. The heterosexual family must change to affirm the queer child. Roger’s parents’ understanding of parental control and children’s agency cannot hold if they wish to support him. Even more, they must reorient themselves toward pleasure and away
from social utility. (pp.1665-1666)

The insidiousness of the book cannot be underestimated: the idea of a pre-homosexual child  just waiting for his inner homosexuality to come out, the idea of rebellion against parental authority, the idea of converting parents into "gay" affirming and the now "queering" triumphalism over heterosexuality and the final transformation of the family into affirming and celebrating "queerness". The book is not only viciously anti-Catholic, but anti-family. 

Reference: Jennifer Miller (2019) For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in “New” Queer Children’s Literature, Journal of Homosexuality, 66:12, 1645-1670, 

So "YES", The Boy Who Cried Fabulous" is contrary to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

Either De Buono is being disingenuous about what such books promote, or he is incredibly naive and unable to see the overt LGBT, gender, and "queer" themes that permeate "The Boy Who Cried Fabulous", and other books that belong to this subgenre of "queer children's literature". 

It is time for this book, and other "queer children's literature" be banned in all Catholic classrooms. 

Has Paolo De Buono (and other dissenting trustees, teachers and parents) been deceived by gender ideologues? Or, is their motivation one of conscious abandonment of the Catholic Faith? Time will tell. Pray they come to see the true beauty of human sexuality as revealed in Sacred Scriptures, as taught by Christ and His Church. It is not unreasonable that De Buono should issue an apology for reading "queer children's literature" in a Catholic classroom, and retract his public statements of approval of such books. 

The TCDSB needs to immediately pass a resolution that "queer children's books" and other material that are contrary to Catholic Faith and Morals have no place in the classroom. 

Dear friends, please contact His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins to ask that this book and others that promote "new queer children's literature" be banned from our classrooms. Please call and email your local Catholic trustee. Be respectful, but be firm in defending our Catholic Faith and our innocent children. Ask that your local trustee bring to the Board the issue of "queer" literature that is contrary to the mandate entrusted to Catholic schools. 


The Archbishop of Toronto

His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins
Phone: 416-934-0606, ext. 609 
Email: archbishop@archtoronto.org

Liaison for Catholic Education

Barry White
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416-934-3400 ext. 515

Please also contact the school, St. James Catholic School (Ward 4), and the Superintendent for the Area at which De Buono teaches. Ensure to cc your email to Cardinal Collins, and your local Trustee.  

Principal: Joanne Saragosa
E mail: joanne.saragosa@tcdsb.org

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Superintendent of Education: John Wujek
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Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustees:

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John Haggerty said...

From Gender Ideology to the Queering of Children ...

From the *fascization* of the Cultural Left to the strictly enforced Sea Change in our societies on sexual identity ...

From the rewriting of language in schools to *dis-platforming* public speakers and preachers who are out of step with the new dispensation ...

From propaganda books for little children like *Sparkle Boy* to the enforcement of Gender-Neutral Pronouns in colleges ...

The term *fascization* was used by Harrison E Salisbury to describe the hardening of ideology in the old Soviet Union. (See Salisbury's introduction to *Red Square At Noon* by Natalia Gorbanevskaya, published in 1972.)

My generation saw the death of Soviet fascism only to see the emergence of this Gay-Gender fascism in Europe, Canada and the USA.
Augustine's City of God has turned into Babylon.
And the Vatican is backing Babylon!

The Progressive-Left is now in a deep-state Fascist mode.

The next step will be the prosecution and closure of churches which insist on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gender Fascists can't tolerate resistance even in private places.

In the 1960s, Catholic convert Malcolm Muggeridge foresaw that Christianity in the West would be forced to go underground. He saw that the Permissive Society would not tolerate Christian morality whether on abortion or Planned Parenthood.

Priests, church ministers, and teachers who defend Christian truth will be prosecuted.
Children will be encouraged to condemn their own parents as they did in East Germany and Mao's China.

We can't expect much support from the Bishop Robert Barrons, the Catholic hierarchy, or from Team Francis in Rome.
To adapt a line from the film *Parasite's Perfect Montage* - Pope Francis may look like a sheep, but inside he's a fox.

In every Catholic parish we need to see men like Michael Voris, Michael Matt, Patrick Coffin, Dr. Taylor Marshall, John-Henry Weston etc. who will speak out when the spineless bishops are silent.

And I have every hope that President Trump (hated by the Progressive-Left in my own country) will stand up for Christian civilization. Donald doesn't give two cents for political correctness or the Luciferian media.

But it will be Christian women who will prove the most effective resistance, for they are the mothers and nurturers.
Catholic and Protestant Moms will have to team up on this fight - *the Fight for Everything* as G.K. Chesterton said so long ago.

Nothing will happen without prayer, sacrifices, and the work of the Holy Spirit.
This is what Saint Paul called the Good Fight.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Great article by TCW to expose the truth. However, if anything is going to change for the better, serious parental involvement is going to be required in the Catholic school system. Parents cannot count on Catholic leaders to do the job for them. How sad.

J Haggerty said...

I have just watched an eight-month-old vlog. It looks at the current darkness in the Church (and in the culture) in historic terms -

*The Vortex - The 1970s Never Went Away.*
20 March 2019. Church Militant. YouTube.

The 1960s was the decade when various symptoms of rot began to appear in postwar society - even as we young ones were dancing to the Beatles!

But by the 1970s this social sickness, masquerading as liberty, seized full hold of the culture. The old decencies were trashed. My Catholic parents and grandparents who had been through two world wars were shocked by what they were seeing on television.

And remember, many of our cardinals and bishops were at seminaries in the 1970s. These men are children of that decade when the Pill and abortion became a way of life. When *I do my own thing* became the boast of every libertarian.

Yet these same modernist priests and bishops speak darkly of independent Catholic media like Church Militant. They call it *divisive*. Why?

Has Church Militant ever departed from the Catholic Catechism?
Has it ever dishonoured the teaching and councils of the Church?
Has it neglected to remind Catholics of their sacramental duties?
Has it ignored the treasury of graces left by the saints and Church doctors?
Has it watered down the Gospel of Jesus Christ or devotion to his Blessed Mother?

No. Never. Never once in ten years.

But Church Militant stands accused of *demonising people* because it says plainly that Cardinal Marx and Fr. James Martin are spreading evil, sin, and heresy.

I say again that we are seeing a take-over or putsch in the Church.
Those in power are terrified of the laity who hold up the Catechism in plain view and say, *This is Church teaching and it is NOT negotiable!*

The silence of the hierarchy on Gender Ideology in junior schools - which is nothing more than Child Abuse - tells us how useless the bishops are.

Like the Pharisees they are the blind leading the blind.

J Haggerty said...

*Let them alone: they are blind, and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit.*

Matthew 15:14. Douay-Rheims Bible.

The God-given gift of sight is on my mind a great deal.

For the second time I am reading *Notes on Blindness: A Journey Through the Dark* by the late John H.M. Hull, a theologian of stature. The author began to suffer from macular degeneration in his twenties. He wrote a masterpiece.

Whenever I walk in my city I am aware of the extraordinary nature of sight; that I am seeing what blind people no longer see, or have never seen. There are moving YouTube vlogs by people born blind or who became blind through eye disease.

This leads to thoughts on spiritual blindness and all the people I know who are not able to *see* the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some are so foolish as to deny that Jesus ever existed, or that the Gospels are a rehash of pagan myths.
Even when I outline each of these myths and explain that they are nothing like the Gospel, they remain blind.

This what wordliness does to the human mind!

The more the modernist bishops run after the world and try to flatter and please the world, the blinder they become as pastors.
Jesus warned us that the world would hate us.

J Haggerty said...

*We have always seen that those who walk closest to Christ were those who faced the most severe difficulty. Think about what his glorious mother went through, and his blessed disciples. How do you think Saint Paul endured such terrible trials?*

*The Interior Castle*. Teresa of Avila.

As you are always saying Barona, we pray for those who are leading the Church into darkness, for without the mercy of God we too would be in error.

In his Vortex post today (February 17) Michael Voris speaks of *the vastness of the evil* in the Church, particularly in America. Committed Catholics will need to support those distressed souls lest they stumble and lose faith in their bishops. This is my prayer for Toronto and all Canada.

As Saint Paul said, *we are more than victors* because of what the Lord has done for us sinners. Here is the opening of one of my favourite books, *Paul of Tarsus* by T.R. Glover published in 1925:

*He is no easy author. Homer is simpler, and Plato's thought is plainer to follow. Paul can be simple and direct, but when he soars, it is into another region of beauty than Plato knew, and with wings uneven. A bilingual man pays for his gifts, and the Semite who thinks in Greek never quite forgets Jerusalem and the speech of Canaan; his genitives accumulate, his threads break, and it is in losing his way that he arrives.*

We soar with wings uneven, and it is in losing our way that we arrive!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent expose of what I consider the brainwashing of children to accept the gay lifestyle. This teacher is also stepping into the area of parental authority. He has no right to impose his morality on children. Are the parents aware (and I read the full article by Jennifer Miller) that this teacher is reading not a book on children loving and caring for each other, but a book that is actually, what Miller calls "queer" literature?

The next question is: how is it possible for parents, other teachers and Cardinal Collins to sit quietly by and do nothing? I doubt Cardinal Collins himself has read this book and the other books that this particular teacher is promoting.

I am going to be writing to Cardinal Collins, so that he is made aware of what is going on in schools that are directly under his spiritual care.

The final question is, why are these teacher obcessed with teaching children in primary school about homosexuality? I was blessed to be unaware of homosexuality until it was "forced" on me by the noisy and strident public outrages by the activist George Hislop. It was still years that I found out what gays and lesbians do during what they "love making". It was shocking to discover that at least amongst men, they abuse each other through various acts of anal penetration. Apparently, lesbians engage in mutual masturbation. I also discovered that homosexuals engage in "golden showers" (where they urinate upon each other). After the explosion of AIDS, it was advised that when gays urinated on each other they told not to aim for the face or any open wound so as to mitigate the transmission of disease. I also discovered that a practice called "fisting" is prevalent.

Forgive me for being a bit graphic, but it is important to know what this "love" is.
We are dealing with disturbed, suffering people who are so jaded that not only are they unable to enter into a unitive marriage, but become so sexually jaded that they engage in strange sexual activities that are contrary to the physiological design of the human body.

So for this teacher (and no doubt others) to push acceptance of a lifestyle that centres of bizarre and illicit sexual activity needs to be explained. To argue that sexual activity are not being brought up is disingenuous and misleading. The entire thrust of the LGBT movement is for the acceptance of the gay lifestyle, which by definition includes same-sex activity.

As Christians we know such activity is very sinful. I have looked at Paolo de Buono's Twitter account. Most of his tweets are about LGBT issues. From what I have seen, not once has he written about chastity, continence, the need to accept people with same-sex attraction with Christian compassion - which means to tell them that same-sex sexual activity is wrong. We as Christians call it sin. Mr. De Buono's silence on the issue of chastity and sexual sin begs the question if he no longer believes that same-sex activity is a sin?

Now if he no longer believes this, why does he not follow his convictions, be honest, and then resign and go and join the TDSB? Why is he intent on remaining in the Catholic system and promoting a pro LGBT agenda, which includes the reading of openly pro LGBT children's books?

If we don't stand up, write to our trustees, the school where he teaches, and Cardinal Collins, we become part of the problem. We become guilty as collaborators with the LGBT lobby by sitting silent, and allowing these activists to take over our schools.

God bless you all.