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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The LGBT Idol: Monsignor Vincent Foy and the betrayal of those who suffer from same-sex attraction

Cardinal Thomas Collins and Monsignor Vincent Foy
Following and promoting the "LGBT" movement for those who claim to be Christian is replacing the true God with an idol of their own making. It is to worship not only strange flesh, but lies over truth, acceptance over mockery, convenience over principles, cowardice over bravery. It is to replace Jesus Christ with a false "gospel"

The late, saintly, Monsignor Vincent Foy was a man of great charity and compassion towards all men. Monsignor Foy had no "enemies". His example of charity for us was his attitude towards the tragic, pathetic Gregory Baum. Perhaps Monsignor Foy's prayers brought Baum to repentance before that sad man died. Jesus Christ wills all men to be saved, perhaps Gregory responded to the Grace that was offered to him through the prayers of the holy Monsignor. 

For those of you who have, for whatever reason, succumbed to the idol of the "LGBT" movement, Monsignor Foy's writings will be of great help in leading you back to Jesus Christ and His Church; to see the beauty of God and His love for us. 

For those of you who teach in our Catholic schools, for parents, for trustees, for the youth, and for children, may this Lent be the beginning of a journey that will bring true peace and joy. 

 On January 12, 2010, Archbishop Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, and now Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, gave the homily at the annual Red Mass of Saint Mary’s Basilica, Diocese of Phoenix. He said “We see before our eyes the evil fruits of life in a society which pretends to take the place of God in making its laws and in giving its judgments, in a society in which those in power decide what is right and just, according to their desires and convenience, even at the cost of perpetrating the gravest harm upon their neighbour.” 
Among the evil fruits of this decadent age there is an unparalleled betrayal of homosexuals. That evil fruit we consider here briefly, emphasizing the betrayal as the rejection of justice and charity towards a significant number of God’s sons and daughters. 
To reach right conclusions and point the way to undoing the betrayal it is essential to consider the truth about homosexuality and the truth about homosexuals.

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John Haggerty said...

The photograph of Cardinal Collins and Monsignor Vincent Foy is moving. I wish I had been present on that august occasion. Monsignor Foy is someone I am glad to have met, if only through your Witness.

Tonight I started re-reading Gregory Baum's *Amazing Church* published by Novalis in Toronto in 2005. I remember purchasing it years ago in St Paul's Media Centre, here in Glasgow.

The subtitle carries the book's impressive heft, *A Catholic Theologian Remembers a Half-Century of Change*.

Baum neatly bridges the gulf between the private and the public, the Big Theology of Vatican II with the Small Theology - the everyday business of putting the teaching of the Council into practice at parish level.

*The Canadian bishops were strongly influenced by the evolution of Catholic social teaching in Latin America,* Baum writes. Pope John Paul II supported the bishops which gives us a glimpse into John Paul's social teaching.

*The needs of the poor must take priority over the desires of the rich, the rights of the workers over the maximization of prophets,* John Paul said to Canadian Catholics during his visit in 1984.

Gregory Baum writes of a Catholic woman, Margaret, who worked with Pax Romana, and who was a student at Fribourg University in Germany in the 1950s.

Margaret disagreed with the ethical teaching of the popes over the last one hundred years, and though she and Baum did not see eye to eye, he came over to her viewpoint later, as the full import of the Second Vatican Council worked itself out in his mind.

I only mention this because I was caught up in the heady aftermath of the Council, and because I never imagined in my youth that doubt about the Council would grow into crisis, and crisis into despair. But that's another story, going back to my happy time as an altar boy at Latin Mass.

The private story of Baum's later life is a sad one, though I was not familiar with it until your post. Let us be charitable and say that theologians like Baum were drawn into LGBT out of naivete.

They put mercy before the need for repentance. They were haunted by the atmosphere of exclusion, fear, and secrecy in which many gay people lived. Some had homosexual leanings themselves. They mislaid or abandoned Church teaching.

N.T. Wright said that the Apostle Paul would probably have seen men living in long-term homosexual unions in pagan cities, but Paul still condemned these as sinful.

Liberals even now insist that Paul was merely speaking about male temple prostitutes, but Tom Wright believes that the evidence is weak for this theory.

That Jesus never mentions homosexuality is an argument from silence. Our Lord made it clear that the union of *one flesh* is only between a man and a woman, normative marriage, and that marriage is indissoluble in the eyes of God.

Jesus upheld the teaching of the Old Testament. Indeed he said to the Pharisees, *You do not know the Scriptures.*

Jesus did not specifically condemn homosexual relations, but he did not condemn incest or bestiality either, since Jews knew these to be abhorrent, condemned by the Law.

Try telling this to modernists. The spirit of the age, together with the media, sweeps them along into what I call Homosexual Worship.

It is all around us even here in Scotland. Along with our horrendous abortion statistics; a symptom of the sterility and decline of Western culture.

Another 20 years like this and we will be somewhere between Babylon and Bedlam. Children will suffer the most.

Muslims see it more clearly than many Catholic bishops.

John Haggerty said...

Correction, Barona.

Pope John Paul II said that the rights of workers must take priority over the maximization of PROFITS and not *prophets* as I have written. My typo.

Saint Pope John Paul was indeed a social prophet. His sharp critique of the abuses of hyper-capitalism never strayed into doctrinaire socialism - he knew only too well where that led, coming as he did from communist Poland.