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Sunday, 23 February 2020

CRISIS in TORONTO Catholic schools: The "QUEERING" of school children has to STOP!

Paolo De Buono, a school teacher for the "Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association" (OECTA) continues to defend in the  strongest possible terms the reading of the picture book, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous. In the above tweet, De Buono has written that the question is "not why" he would read this book in his "...Catholic elementary classroom...", but "...in a religious setting based on God's love... why wouldn't you"?


The Boy Who Cried Fabulous has been identified by "queer theory" scholar and researcher, Jennifer Miller, PhD., as part of a sub-genre of pro "LGBT" literature know as, "new queer children's literature", the purpose of which is to "queer" the family and "straight" human relationships. One can either accept De Buono's analysis of the book, and the various other "queer" children's literature he reads in the classroom (such as A Tale of Two Mommies), or accept Miller's analysis of such books, given her years researching and studying "queer theory". 

One thing clearly emerges from her analysis: the book is certainly NOT about inclusion and love, but presents a vision of "queering" the world, a vision of human sexuality and the family that are completely foreign to Christian morality.

Miller wrote: 
...the new queer children’s literature introduces the possibility of queering the straight world.

...new queer children’s literature takes the most normative of institutions—the family—as an object of critical queering...

...childhood itself is queered in the new queer children’s literature. I identify new queer children’s literature as a primary locus of transformative queer world-making...

Dear friends, it is essential that we have such "queer literature" (be it for pre-pubescent children, youngsters, or teenagers) removed from all our Catholic classrooms as contrary to Catholic Faith and morals. 

Please contact His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins, and your local Catholic school trustee. 

Phone: 416-934-0606, ext. 609 

Liaison for Catholic Education

Barry White
416-934-3400 ext. 515
E mail:bwhite@archtoronto.org

Please also contact the school, St. James Catholic School (Ward 4) at which De Buono teaches; ensure to cc your email to Cardinal Collins, and your local Trustee. 

Principal: Joanne Saragosa
E mail:joanne.saragosa@tcdsb.org

Fax: 416-393-5275
Tel: 416-393-5046

Superintendent of Education: John Wujek

Tel: 416-222-8282, ext 5371
The Trustees of the Board can be contacted following this link. 


J Haggerty said...

*The love of Christ constraineth us*.
2 Corinthians 5:14

*The Boy Who Cried Fabulous* is a book for children aged 3-6. Many will be wondering what all the fuss is about. The hero is a red-haired boy who loves his world and who keeps finding *fabulous* things to marvel over.

It is the uses to which the book will be put which Catholic parents may want to ask questions about.

The book is a palimpsest; one meaning of palimpsest is ... *having diverse layers or aspects beneath the surface.* (Merriam-Webster definition.)

Teachers and critics consider the book to have many meanings. It is being used to tell very young impressionable children about sexual activity between people of the same gender. This is going to be the gay crusade inside junior schools.

Traditional Catholics and reformed Protestants are now seriously out of step; and in danger of breaking the law through *hate speech.* Soon all memory of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality will be a thing of the past.

So it is understandable that those who take a different position from Mr. De Buono are being portrayed on Canadian television as notorious anti-LGBT fanatics who are also anti-choice on abortion. One can see how the battle lines are being drawn in the spiritual war that is coming. For it IS coming, make no mistake.

In a way you cannot blame Mr De Buono. We have a pope who says *Who am I to judge?* and who welcomes married homosexuals into the Vatican, not to mention Fr. James Martin, the new face of the pro-gay Jesuits.

And Bishop Robert Barron interviewed Californian Dave Rubin (YouTube) who is married to another man.

*The message of the Church to a gay person should be - You are a beloved child of God who has been embraced by the mercy of Jesus Christ and invited to a full sharing in the Divine Love. You are a son of God, called to eternal life,* Bishop Barron told Mr. Rubin, who looked very happy at the Church's change of direction. No more preaching from the Catechism or Saint Pope John Paul's heavy moralising! We're all Rainbow Catholics now!

There was nothing in the bishop's homily about sin, or repentance, or regeneration, or sanctification, or the teaching of the Mosaic Law against homosexual acts; or of Jesus Christ making it clear that marriage can only be between a man and woman. No word from the Apostle Paul! No reminder that this is God's world and God's rules!

The Divine Law in the Church of Pope Francis is regarded as a species of good-natured indulgence. It is reduced to a sickly sentiment patterned after human emotion.

Bishop Barron's approach is what I call *Sex and the City* theology where everyone hugs everyone and we all troop along to a Gay Blessing in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York, to the tune of *Good Morning Star Shine, the Earth Says Hello!*

*The love of Christ constrains us.*

This is not the self-worshipping love which Mr. De Buono celebrates.
This love is regulated by what is revealed in Scripture.

This love acts as a restraining power, restraining us from every self-seeking purpose. It restrains us from sin and compels us into action for the Kingdom of God.

A lady called Emily May Grimes Crawford born in Toronto in the 19th Century, wrote a lovely hymn titled *Thy Mighty Love, Oh God, Constraineth Me*. (YouTube. Hymn Stream.)

Who could have imagined in the 19th Century that homosexuality would tear the Catholic Church apart and that little children would be indoctrinated into homosexual militancy?

Even Saint Pope Pius X could not have imagined it in his darkest hour, the pontiff who allowed children of six to receive the Eucharist.

Once a private activity, homosexuality is now public policy.

Homosexual militants have succeeded in conquering the once impregnable Citadel. The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

John Haggerty said...

*The (Catholic) universities long ago abandoned the truth.*
And the homosexual-modernist gang of American bishops have led the Church into filth and financial ruin.

Watch *The Vortex - Breaking and Splitting Apart.*
24 February 2020. YouTube.

The Paolo De Buonos and their shills in the media belong to a collapsing, post-hippie ideology called Progressive Spirituality.

Their seizure of schools may succeed for the moment, but the next generation will overthrow their anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-family agenda.

The Vatican under Bergoglio looks more and more like a camp, self-parodying soap opera.

Francis knows it too. You can see the confusion in his eyes even as he is cheek-kissing the movie stars and male queens.
It's *Sex and the City* Roma style. But you can smell the rotten drains.

Be of good cheer, Toronto Catholic Witness.

The Gay Revolution will die at the moment of its apparent victory.
The return of the Latin Mass will destroy it as will the Rosary and the Novenas to Mary.

The prayers and sacrifices of good Catholics will drive a stake through the Gay Dragon's heart.
The Lord himself will slay it.

Barona said...


I am wondering if you might give me permission to publish your comment 22:06? This is a powerful witness to this deluded teacher, and the various dissenters who are hell-bent (literally) on seducing innocent children into a diabolical ideology.

John Haggerty said...

*We Were Warned: The Religion And City of the Antichrist by Cardinal Newman.*
Return To Tradition. 6 September 2019. YouTube.

One of the comments under this prophetic post provides historic context to Mr. De Buono's views.

It helps explain why Mr. De Buono believes he is acting in good faith.

After all, Mr. De Buono has the full support of politicians, liberal churchmen, the media, the intelligentsia, and young people.

How can Mr. De Buono be wrong when those who are against him are such bigoted homophobes? Homophobes who are on the wrong side of history, it would appear.

Now listen to the comment on Return To Tradition, written by an American woman:

*I was horrified to see so much of the Mystery Schools (New Age, Occult) being taught in the Novus Ordo churches and by Novus Ordo priests, particularly regarding the LGBT movement - and clearly adultery seems NOT to be a mortal sin any longer. It's all light and love and mercy and Hell is empty because probably everyone is going to Heaven now. We are all One - God accepts all religions. The desecration of the Eucharist in the hand, Catholics now believing the Holy Eucharist is symbolic. Pagan cavorting and dancing round the altar, openly gay priests flaunting their relationships, saying it's fine because it's consensual.*

Mr. De Buono and his fellow teachers are the products of this paganized pro-LGBT church. The Novus Ordo. A One World Religion that calls itself Roman Catholic but is something quite different in its inner character.

(Remember too that the reformed theologian Gresham Machen described liberal Protestantism as *another religion*. Having visited such liberal churches I can say that Machen was absolutely right.)

As Father William Jenkins said, Pope Francis is the final act in the modernist take-over. It was Francis who told a homosexual man that *God MADE him that way.*

So the Catechism and Church councils were wrong; saints like Peter Damian were wrong; Saint Pope John Paul was wrong; Pope Benedict was wrong.
The Holy Father Francis knows best!

Mr. De Buono is only singing from the Francis New Age hymn-sheet.
And everyone is going to Heaven ...

John Haggerty said...

Barona, you are welcome to publish any of my comments.

Years ago I had a dream about children making their First Communion. I thought I was alone in my church pew, but turned to see that Saint Jeanne Jugan was standing to my left, exactly like the only photograph of her. She told me in rather stern terms that I must make a good Confession, receive the Eucharist, and return to the Catholic Church. I love the very reformed churches in which I worship, but I think often of Saint Jeanne.

J Haggerty said...

*My Good Jesus, I have only you.*
Saint Jeanne Jugan.

Pray for the Catholic children in Toronto and for the Roman Catholic Church, Saint Jeanne.

John Haggerty said...

Dear Barona,

I have been watching *Entering the Desert of Lent* with Bishop Robert Barron (YouTube). Bishop Barron recommends adoration before the Blessed Sacrament during Lent, and *fasting from screens* i.e. the Internet, Apps.

But also self-denial, abstinence, and quiet prayer alone.

Staying on topic, I wish Catholic teachers in Toronto could go on a spiritual retreat, and beg the Holy Spirit for guidance in their professional lives. Our Saviour prayed in the desert 40 for days and nights.

Down on his knees, before the Blessed Sacrament, Mr. De Buono should ask, *What would the Lord Jesus Christ say when we teach little children about homosexuality?* Jesus is the Children's King as we sang at Christmas.

Mr. De Buono and his colleagues must go to the Gospels and the Epistles of Paul, always asking, *What is God saying to me now? What does the Lord want me to do for Him at this time in my life, at this moment in history?*

It is on this that we will be judged after death.

Catholic guidance is definitely needed for teenagers and young adults, struggling with sexual feelings; struggling with identity, peer pressure, body image; and the relentless barrage of fashion and social media.

But surely infants have the right to enjoy their brief time of innocence? Why impose on infants something that has never been imposed before? There should be a limit to what infants are told, the limits of their understanding.

On what authority does Mr. De Buono act? Is it the authority of the Catholic Catechism? Or Biblical truth? No. He acts on his own authority.

Catholic morality is always guided by the Holy Spirit, not private judgment. And it must be regulated by the Catechism and by the sacramental life of the Church. But also by what Simone Weil called *waiting on God*.

This *waiting* means obedience to God's will.

We always keep in mind the perfect obedience of Jesus Christ to the Father. He who was without sin or stain took up the Cross and went to Calvary; paying the debt for my sins; suffering in my place. As my substitute.

Waiting on God means prayer and fasting, going into the desert as Bishop Barron says; that place where we are utterly dependent on the Lord, where we see how feeble and and self-willed we are.

Reading the books of Wilfrid Thesiger made me see that the REAL desert is a harsh but effective teacher. As we thirst for water we thirst for God.

Our minds are factories that produce idols, the Jewish rabbis understood this.

The Gay Pride Movement has become such an idol, and it wants to be worshipped like the Golden Calf, though I will pay tribute to gay people who have helped confused and suicidal teenagers and adults.

Having read biographies of gay artists, from Benjamin Britten to Elizabeth Bishop, I see that Christian guidance is needed on this moral problem as much as it is needed on depression, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harming, fear of failure, fear of loneliness and death.

C.S. Lewis said that any moral person should always be asking, *Could I be wrong? Could I be mistaken?* Toronto's teachers should ask this too.

Satan fell through pride, self-love, jealousy, and a will to power.

Without the instruction of our God-given conscience, regulated by the sacramental life of the Church, we are all little Satans.

Praise be, we have a Saviour who saves, right up until the moment of our death.