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Thursday, 23 May 2019

The Pink Swastika: How the modern homosexual movement has its roots in Nazism

Vox Cantoris and Fr. Z carry reports from Church Militant about a homosexual-predator  attempting to seduce a young man into this evil lifestyle. From whence did it come? From Hell. 

The Prophet Moses decreed, for very good reasons, the death penalty for sodomy. The Mosaic death penalty ipso facto has been suspended by Our Lord, during the time of the Dispensation of Grace, only on the condition that the sinner repent, Confess, make reparation and "go and sin no more". 

However, Our Lord still grants the State the authority to impose the death penalty on (e,g,) sodomites. There are still a few Nations in the world who take this grave sin seriously. God bless the Africans who do not want western racist imperialists bringing their filth and evil into Africa. But I should add: Our Lord's patience is not infinite, and those who refuse His Graces will definitely suffer the death penalty in eternal hellfire in the next. 

Let us now review again, what I wrote about a year ago on the modern homosexual movement's origins in late 19th century occultism, that culminated in satanic Nazism. Let us not be deluded, these "priests" - such as the demonic pervert alluded to by the Vox and Fr Z, as well as so-called "bishops" (such as the serial rapist and abuser, McCarrick) , these modern-day Judases, are agents of Lucifer. They are infiltrators into the Church and Sacred Priesthood, and are demonic "anti-priests" of Satan. The State has every right to impose the death penalty on each and every abuser. The quicker the better! 

St. Paul, like the Prophet Moses, knew the origins of homosexuality. Godlessness. 

Homosexuality is mentioned in Sacred Scriptures as being a result of denying God. In the Book to the Romans (1:25), the Apostle Paul identifies homosexual practices as a result of ungodliness. "They changed the truth of God for a lie". 

St. John Chrysostom, in his Homilies on the Book to the Romans, underscores this foundation of homosexuality: "But if you say, and whence came this intensity of lust? It was from the desertion of God".

St. Jude (Jude 1:7), likewise, links homosexuality to ungodliness: "So with Sodom and Gomorrha and the cities round them, which fell into the same debauchery as their neighbours and pursued unnatural lust; they bear, for our warning, their sentence of eternal fire...Godless and sinners, with how many ungodly acts they have defied God, with how many rebellious words have they blasphemed him". 

Homosexuality is a spiritual disease. It is ungodliness manifested in unnatural and perverse sexual behaviour, that inverts and mocks God's order of Creation: male and female He created them. 

Against this backdrop that reveals homosexuality as rebellion against God, we can now explore the bond between homosexuality and Nazism. 

The Nazi movement was, from its very origins, heavily indebted to homosexual occultists and homosexual Greco-Roman pagan ideology. In 19th century Germany, along with German idealism and rationalism, there was a revival of paganism (both Hellenist and Norse) and gnostic occultism. Homosexuals were very influential in both movements, and they would pave the way for the fusing of German philosophy, neo-paganism, homoeroticism and emerging racialist ideology. The ideal of the ultra-masculine, homoerotic warrior, as exemplified in the SS, the Gestapo and the Brown Shirts (SA) was created in the 19th century. 

Two leading homosexuals of the 19th century who had a profund influence on the birth of Nazism need to be mentioned.

Guido von List (1848-1919) was an occultist, who also worshiped Wotan. A notorious pedophile, his ideas would influence other occult groups, such as the Thule Society, to which belonged such Nazi homosexual luminaries, such as Rudolf Hess and Dietrich Ekart. von List also influenced the ideas of the more famous occultist Aleister Crowley, who can be said to be the main driving force behind modern day occultism and sexual perversion in the post-War world. Crowley was a huge influence on Kenneth Anger, and a host of Hollywood producers and directors. The sexual liberation promoted by Hollywood has its roots in Crowley. 

The second homosexual was Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels (1874-1954), who was expelled from the seminary for homosexual activity. He would eventually fuse his form of occultism with racialism, which included a special hatred of Jewish people.

The pompous, blustering Ernst Roehm, and sadistic murderer, Gerhard Rossbach, the creators of the SA, were both notorious homosexuals, and their organization was top heavy in so-called "butch", homosexual warriors. Other very prominent homosexuals in the Nazi Party included sadist, Julius Streicher, who was dismissed by Nuremberg school authorities for pedophile activities, and Hans Frank, the so-called "Butcher of Poland".  The "Fuhrer" was himself a rabid homosexual, whose virtual entire personal staff (body guards and chauffeurs) were homosexuals. High ranking Nazis in Hitler's inner circle were also either bisexual or homosexual. So open was the homosexuality of the Nazi leadership, that the Italians (who had been spying in Berlin during the early and mid thirties) mockingly referred to it as "the German disease". 

The key to this, is to understand that Nazism was founded by men who were godless pagans, who had an alternate religion  (to be more accurate an anti-religion). Having rejected the one, true God, they turned to idols. As Sacred Scripture teaches us, having rejected God, it is only inevitable that sexual perversion follow. 

The sexual deviants of Nazism had a gnostic, pagan religion. They believed they were enlightened, they believed they formed a super-race, supermen; they believed that ultra-masculine, homosexual warriors were the highest of the Aryan super-race. It would be these gnostic ideas that would carry over into the homosexual infiltration of Christianity. It would be these ideas that would result in the blasphemous conception of a "Gay Christ" (Our Lord Jesus Christ and St. John); of the belief that David and Jonathan were secret homosexual lovers; that homosexuality is "God's gift" to mankind, etc. 


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There certainly is reason to agree with you about the many fascist same sex adherents whose exploits I have read about and even seen in limited exposure. Where we are heading is toward another holocaust.

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Relevant video last link of a Catholic King: