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Friday, 10 May 2019

Ontario bars Christian couple from fostering because they do not accept homosexuality

"once religion is taken away there cannot be a well ordered, well regulated society"
Pius XII, Anni Sacri, 1950

"Fascism in white gloves". A wise Polish friend and Partisan (a man who personally experienced and fought Nazism and communism) once told me quite a few years ago that this is the political and social state of Canada. My father used to discuss with his Polish friends over 50 years ago the degeneracy of the West. "Democracy? A dog's democracy, a pig's democracy", I was told years later they would comment to each other. 

These were men who had lived through horror. My father himself, was deported to Germany, and then to Norway for slave labour. He escaped with another teenager to Sweden, through the mountains. Two others had escaped the previous week, but they stayed on the road. The Germans caught them, and shot them. My father decided to go right up into the mountains. The two young men could see the Germans on their motor bikes searching for them in vain. 

These Poles had no illusions as to what this degenerate West was, and where we were headed. These men were Catholics to the core, and despised the decadent West, its myths, betrayals, lies and deceptions. Decades ago, they could see the virulent, demonically inspired forces that hated Christ and His Church. And today, it is far worse.  

In our day, I present another example of this ever-growing "fascism in white gloves", this time from the Province of Ontario. 

Back in 2017, a Christian husband and wife were rejected in their application to foster children because they happened to believe that homosexuality is a sin. After their rejection by the State, it was confirmed to the couple that indeed it was opposition to homosexuality that resulted in their exclusion to foster needy children. The couple, as of this writing, are still trying to fight for their God given rights. It remains to be seen what the State determines. 
This is the degree of the barbarism and evil that society has sunk to. The depth of depravity is unfathomable. 

Catholics have nearly completely succumbed to the lies and deception of this decadent West. Most are deluded as to what is going on, and where we are headed. Most are unable to think clearly, such is the spiritual poison they are imbibing on a daily basis. 

The situation is grave. Very, VERY GRAVE. 

I do not see any interest in even a gentle braking action against the spread of moral evil. In fact, it is only accelerating. The populations of the West are degenerate, materialistic, hedonistic and atheistic. Sadly, this applies to many, far too many Christians. 

What will happen to this brave Christian couple? Here, in Ontario, will the family be defended, or will the homosexual juggernaut continue unabated? Will the new bubble-zone laws around abortuaries be rescinded? 

In Alberta, we have the tragedy of Jason Kenny's sad capitulation to the "LGBT" lobby, and his cowardly vacillating on abortion, when challenged recently on the radio by pro-abortion, pro-homosexual radio host, Charles Alder. Yet a couple of years ago, Jason could be seen at Sunday Mass at St. John the Evangelist Ordinariate parish in Calgary. In fact, I met and spoke to Jason, as we attended the same parish. 

What has happened? How can one throw the Faith away for pottage? Please pray for Jason, and please pray for Alberta, as She is Canada's last common sense stronghold. Sadly, these recent events show that the farmers, and rural communities, who still take the Bible seriously, will be purged from the United Conservative Party. I am under no illusions. Alberta is rapidly undergoing a transition.  This is the sign of the times: universal apostasy and moral collapse. Personally, I believe we are in a dress rehearsal for the  entrance of the Son of Perdition. 

Open mockery of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Toronto City Hall  

Catholic friends: I am asking you to think very carefully. 

Think! Don't feel, don't be emotive, don't allow yourself to be manipulated by forces on the "left" or "right"- both of which are controlled by those who do not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church - and are trying to force you into a false binary matrix. 

The Catholic Church, following Jesus Christ, does not bow before man-made ideologies. Everything must be judged according to the Mind of Christ. Whom are you following? To whom are you casting your ear towards? 

Listen to no one who does not believe in the Divinity of Our Lord and the Authority of His Church.  NO one! No exceptions! Anything else is of the Evil One. 

Think about where we are, and where are we headed. The moral goalposts in Canada were seriously moved over the past four years: euthanasia (medical murder) has been legalized. This should be THE election issue.

Will it? 

What will the elections slogans be? "Climate Change, Sex Change"?, "Lower Taxes, Lower Morals"?  

And why so? Because modern man is materialistic, hedonistic, and has an aversion to truth and doctrine. Modern man is deeply spiritually sick. Modern man hates Jesus Christ and does not wish Him to reign. 

Better is the little of the righteous than the abundance of many wicked. 
(Psalm 37:16)

As such, with the State being refashioned in the image of modern man, should Christians be surprised that they are being persecuted by the State? 

The State, imbued with a spirit of godlessness (c.f. Romans 12) seeks to exterminate any last vestiges of Christian morality. 

Friends, it is not going to get better. 

Without Jesus Christ, nations and civilizations totter to their ruin. We are perhaps no longer tottering, but crawling through excrement.... be prepared for worse days ahead. 

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