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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Nazism, Neo-Paganism and Homosexuality: Just what are the links?

Today, we continue our review of the link between Nazism and the neo-pagan homosexual movement. Just one example of the attempt to erase the link between Nazism and sexual perversion is how most online biographies of, e.g. Julius Streicher do include any specific mention of his homosexual pedophilia. The Encyclopedia Britannica only mentions "sexual and sadistic excesses"; even the Jewish Holocaust Research Project refers to his perversions as merely "
sexual peccadilloes". Such is the worldwide coverup on the link between homosexuality and Nazism. We must begin to ask serious questions as to just how powerful, secretive and internationally organized is the homosexual movement. There can be no doubt that at the highest echelons, the leaders are in direct contact with Lucifer. 

In an earlier post, "How the Modern Homosexual Movement has its Roots in Nazism", I briefly outlined the historical roots of Nazism in homosexuality, and its  fusion of anti-Christian neo-paganism with sexual perversion. St. Paul, St. Jude and St. John Chrysostom (for example) all identified godlessness as the root cause of sexual deviancy and perversion. The saints pointed out that the darkening of the mind through godlessness, leads to a rejection of God and His creation, opening the door to the human mind being seduced into unnatural sexual vice.

It is no coincidence that homosexuality was rife in the ancient world. Only amongst one people was unnatural vice seen as sin: Israel. THere is no doubt that, according to the ideology of the "gay liberation movement", the Prophet Moses is the father of "homophobia". 

It was this great man, under God's inspiration, who understood the demonic of sexual perversion, and stamped it out, proscribing the death penalty for this  horrendously grave sin. "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13). This evil is confirmed by the Apostle Jude who wrote: "just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire". (Jude 7). 

Here we have two key elements from Sacred Scripture as to the evil of homosexuality. It is an "abomination" (meaning idolatry according to biblical exegesis; This is confirmed by St. Paul in Romans), and "unnatural" (meaning that it is not of the Will of God, for "in the beginning male and female He made them" (c.f. Gn 1:27; 5:2; Mk 10:6; Mt 19:4). Thus, when we understand the centrality of God's Will for the union between male and female, we begin to see just how evil homosexuality is. It is idolatry and blasphemy, as it mocks God the Creator. 

The recent statements by revisionist writers that Our Lord did not mention homosexuality and therefore that He approved of such activity is preposterous and blasphemous for a number of reasons: 1) God does not change; His Moral Law does not change: male and female He created them; 2) Our Lord had no reason to discuss homosexual practices with the scribes and pharisees, as all in Israel knew homosexuality to be a grave sin. We do however, have one incident where Our Lord responded to a case of sexual sin (adultery) brought before Him. His response was go and sin no more your sins are forgiven you. The Catechism of the Catholic Church [2396] lists homosexual practices as graves sins.

In 1968, following the issuing of Humanae Vitae, there was an explosion of dissent. Monsignor Vincent Foy documented the tragic and lamentable influence of the late Gregory Baum in orchestrating rebellion against the sanctity of the Marital Act. Baum, logically, also dissented on the issue of  homosexuality, and held great influence here in Canada and abroad amongst "rebellious theologians" (Mgr. Foy). 

The result of rejecting Christ's teaching on Matrimony, was the acceptance of "alternate lifestyles" (see the above link on Mgr. Foy). That is, sexuality was not for unity and life, it was for "love".These "rebellious theologians" having rejected God's truth about sexuality, turned their lust into a new idol.

A number of other leading dissident priests need to be mentioned. Fr. John MacNeill S.J., and Fr. Donald J. Goergen O.P., were two leading figures in the early and mid 1970s. Indeed, homosexuality was so rife in some seminaries, that they had to be closed. St. Bernard's Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa was shut down in 1969 due to rampant homosexuality, as  the late Fr. John O'Connor revealed. 

These pro-homosexual theologians were, in their writings in a different, yet similar manner following the earlier homosexual Nazis. Both groups were all male environments and under obedience to superiors. Both hold the superiority of the homosexual over male and female. Both groups also were fundamentally anti-Christian and developed intricate gnostic ideologies to justify their evil. Whereas the Nazis strove for a homosexual supermen to rule over the "Aryan" nations, the dissident homosexualist priests strove for a gnostic homosexual priest to rule over the Catholic Church. Nazis sought their twisted justification of homosexuality by looking to the ancient world and the occult; homosexualist priests look to gnostic writings and humanism. Both worlds are linked to the satanic. 

The evil Julius Streicher:
Sadist, sexual pervert, and homosexual pedophile 

This satanic influence has led the Gnostic theologians to "queer" what they call "Christ". The earlier advocacy for "alternate lifestyles" was merely to soften opposition to homosexuality, as the homoerotic gnostics never considered themselves "equal" with anyone. No, they were and are a secret, superior type of human according to their ideology. They are a superior caste unto themselves, reflecting the Nazi superiority ideology of the earlier homoerotic warriors of the Third Reich. 

The evil Theodore McCarrick:
Sexual pervert and Homosexual rapist 

For the homoerotic theologian, homosexuality is not only justifiable, but a link to the "divine". Homosexual practices become a type of "sacrament". In this, they accept and parallel occult beliefs that sexual activity is a form of "magick", as was famously advocated by occultists, such as Aleister Crowley. According to  these "queering Christianity" theologians, Christ was a homosexual who had homoerotic encounters with at least two disciples: St. John and St. Thomas. Further reading on this can be found at Joseph Sciambra's excellent website [warning: graphic and very disturbing content]. Within the priesthood these  "queer" theologians regard themselves as a part of a superior, secretive group enlightened in the hidden homosexual tradition of Jesus and His disciples.  

The very influential gay theologian, Andy Buechel wrote: 
…God became human that humans might become God. Our deepest desire is to participate fully in the erotic life of God, to be immersed so totally in love that the Divine Life and our own become the same.
The encounters with the resurrected Lord intensify the limitations and reductions of modern conceptions of sexual difference and sexual orientation, limitations first seen at the transfiguration. Jesus’ body is not only queer in its fluidity, openness, and excess; it is queer by how it relates to other bodies erotically, drawing them towards the Divine.

Buechel then proposes that the encounter between Our Lord and St. Thomas was essentially a homosexual encounter: 

In this, the intimacy and eroticism are manifest. Jesus himself is guiding the hand of the fascinated Thomas toward his side. He is guiding the penetration of his wound, of the womb from which the church is born. Strictly, and anachronistically, speaking, this encounter is homosexual: it involves deep erotic intimacy between two people of the same sex.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know about the SS, but the Brown Shirts and Hitler could be found at Mass every Sunday. Some of Hitler’s officers were homosexual and into the occult, but Hitler strongly disapproved of their behavior. We have letters to prove this.

Jonah said...

A good illustration of why the left-right dialectic is so much misdirection -- "Rightists" are portrayed as Nazis, who supposedly oppose homosexuality and abortion. This gives the Nazis a fig leaf concealing their perverse nature and fooling intellectually lazy "conservatives" into accepting them as their allies. Take away the blinkers, and the frequent betrayal of conservative values by closet Nazis loses its mystery.