Sunday, 19 May 2019

Justin Trudeau the Fascist: the "line is drawn" on those Canadians who are Pro-life!

What married man cavorts with drag queens? 
Justin Trudeau was baptized into the Mystical Body of Christ: the Catholic Church. Yet he has thrown his Faith away, and turned towards evil: embracing abortion and homosexuality as "anti-sacraments", so to speak. 

The Lord God holds willful murder of the innocent and unnatural sexual acts as particular abominations. These sins are so grave that they cry to Heaven for Vengeance. Justin Trudeau mocks God, but he who mocks will pay a terrible price. 

Justin Trudeau embracing a homosexual pervert wearing women's clothes 

Tomorrow, on Victoria Day, let us, as Canadians, reflect on what our Confederation has become: a bastion of evil, where sexual perversion is promoted as a right, where it is even taught to children (has not Toronto Mayor John Tory pushed homosexuality on children? How many Catholics voted for this evil, perverse man?); where the killing of children can be undertaken as the child is actually being born! This is Canada. Please pray for the conversion of Canada. 

Justin Trudeau promoting abortion and denouncing pro-life Canadians 

But as you reflect and pray, be wise! Know your enemy! Justin Trudeau is a wicked man, who hates God, and hates Canada. 

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Kathleen1031 said...

It is bad for Canada to vote for such evil people as Trudeau. It is bad when evil is foisted on the people from courts, but to choose it by voting in a person who brings such things is a grave responsibility.
And no normal man does cavort with drag queens. Chances are, he has his own issues. He's given this indication in the past.