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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Fr Matthew Despard: is the priest who exposed homosexual decadence going to be forced out?

Scottish media are reporting that Fr. Matthew Despard, may be expelled from the priesthood by Bishop Toal of the Diocese of Motherwell. Montfort carried a reflection, and it is well worth re-reading. 

In part, Montfort wrote:

 The "problem" of Fr. Despard is really a diversionary tactic; to throw people off the real issue. And it is not the allegations of choir directors and others who take umbrage to what may or may not be true, or what is in Fr. Despard's book. The issue is NOT Fr. Despard's book! The issue is: and I will restate it again for those who  seem to have difficulty in understanding: it is the sexual abuse of young people, and active homosexual activity by priests. That is the issue. Fr. Despard's book just helped blow the lid off the boil! The evil that is in the Church in Scotland is exemplified by the lying and covering up of horrible sexual crimes and behaviours.

Please pray for Fr. Despard and Scotland.   


Dymphna said...

Very sad. When I read the book I figured he'd be attacked for it.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I believe that since this post was written he has been evicted.

Anonymous said...

yes he has been sacked and evicted --he also has huge legal costs after trying to fight it in court--his parents are old and infirm and will suffer because of the evil persecution of this good honest man
they threatened to destroy him and his family and that is what they have tried to do
they will not win ---the good lord will punish them for doing their evil work in gods house--i urge the true good people of god to pray for Mathew and his family

Robert John Bennett said...

Is there no way to help Father Despard and his parents? Is there no one who can help him? Is there no one in the Church who will honestly tell us all what is really going on with him? Is there any news of his situation? Isn't it possible for some decent and honorable bishop in America, for example, to help him?