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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Dubia of the Four Cardinals changes nothing: Francis and Spadaro are in total control

Pray for Christ's Church to His Holy Mother 
With regards to the Dubia sent by four Cardinals to the Pope, a few reflections. 

Firstly, the Pope is, canonically speaking, judged by no one, and the sending of the Dubia will not disturb him, obstruct him or offset him and his handlers in the least. 

Secondly, if there is a response, it will be in the manner of the dismissal of the Abbe de Nantes - that is, the Pope will rule the Dubia out of order. 

The Pope and his handlers - namely his Ghost Writer and the de facto "pope", Antonio Spadaro S.J., will not feel incommoded in the least. To the contrary, even as I write, the "official" Catholic media is already speaking of "semi-retired" Cardinals etc.  

Certainly, for these four Cardinals, they have done a service towards the Truth and those striving to live a Catholic life. May God reward them. However, we should not be deluded. We have received the Pope we deserve. Simply, Catholics could not handle a truly Catholic Pope. With the vast majority of Catholics off fornicating, self-abusing, engaging in unnatural acts within Holy Matrimony, such as oral and anal sodomy (encouraged and excused by the Theology of the Body crowd), unnatural sexual acts between persons of the same sex etc., they are simply not ready for a Catholic Pope. The truth is just too painful at this present time in history.

Do we honestly think God would send the Church another Pius X? Why? No one would obey him. When Paul VI began to Act in a Catholic manner: Humanae Vitae and the Credo, he was mocked, denigrated and ignored. 

In conclusion, we must during this dark time realize that Christ is in absolute and total control of His Church. He is punishing Her presently for grave infidelity; for committing adultery with the world, the flesh and the devil.

Perhaps it is time for Catholics to increase their prayer life, such as making an effort to pray the Rosary every day, make a Holy Hour weekly etc. 


Ana Milan said...

The letter & Dubia also was sent to the CDF who, if they wish to remain relevant, will certainly require PF to respond. It was probably with the guidance of that body that the Dubia was formulated & could be part of a Divine move to scupper this demonic plan PF & coterie have been following. One cannot imagine God condoning Peter's successor's praise for a schismatic priest who brought havoc to His Church over five hundred years & his present-day followers, or for the respect shown to a notorious abortionist even as this Dubia lay on his desk.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Barona. Prayer is the key to a solution. Masses and acts of reparation wouldn't hurt, either.

Christoph Rebner said...