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Friday, 7 February 2014

Will the Sochi Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremony expose the West for its decadence?

When the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games were coming to a close, we were advised by the Russian authorities that they intended to present to the world the best of Russian culture. In a few hours we will see the results:  will it be Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, the Bolshoi  etc., or filthy, disgusting commercialized metronomic cacophony? In all honesty one must admit that the Canadian ceremonies were not manifestations of a cultured mind.

As to the 2012 London ceremonies, the closing events were an absolute betrayal of a nation; powerful commercial and occult forces at that event proceeded to impose on the British nation a foreign, implicitly anti-Christian programme of manifest decadence. (If memory serves me correctly, the first overtly occultic ceremony was the French winter games, set in the 90s).

Art (visual, dance, the written word etc.) and music do not grow in  a vacuum. Music, arguably, the highest product of man's mind is a near spiritual experience, properly understood. Art and music are a great gift of God. To pervert same is a great sin.

I present two examples of art for your reflection. One Russian (albeit using a Polish dance form); the other - based on youtube hits - an apparently very popular "western" pastime, the "Kizomba", masquerading as a "dance". Its lustful vulgarity, the licentious hoots from the onlookers (and matching combox banter) - reflect the profound degree of degeneration that is present across the so-called "west". Watch, reflect, compare.... and weep. How far we have fallen without the Gospels. 

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