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Sunday, 16 February 2014

The poetry of Susan Fox: The homeless heart is made for God

There are many ways of evangelizing. One method is through the use of art. The Catholic Church, the great cultural benefactor of Society, has always encouraged beautiful art: be it visually, the spoken word, or music. Pope Benedict XVI has written about the value of beauty, of art , of music as a great gift of God. 

Susan Fox, a dear friend of Witness is one such Catholic artist whom I would encourage you to read her poetry. Here is just the opening two stanzas of one of her latest poems. Please visit her blog to read it in its entirety and other poems as well. 

Willard’s Heart: Made for God
                                    by Susan Fox

He worked in the adult book store –
the one they call, “The Rat” –a cigarette  
in his mouth and a new-grown mustache;
a man and a little class.

He came to us
                               like the cat on the Fourth of July - 
-thrust into the Center by loud noise, 
shivering and afraid. But he chose to stay. 
People avoided Willard, but he never abandoned anyone....

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