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Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Hands of the Handmaid..... by Susan Fox

God rocking in the cradle

(The chief charism of the Legion of Mary is evangelization, and her members regard themselves as the mystical presence of Our Lady in the world. This was written during Peregrinatio Pro Christo, an adventure for Christ, in which legionaries traveled from all over the United States to do door-to-door evangelization for a full week in Anacortes, Wash.)

By Susan Fox

My Lady's hands are sewing
beauty in embroidered light,
quickly moving to the rhythm
that the cricket chirps tonight.

A life is slowly mended,
   a heart now turns to Christ;
another reaches as a child
for that Great Love so mild
that made us out of nothing,
good and perfect in His sight...

The full poem may be read here. 

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